Review: LORAC Mint Edition Palette

There are actually two versions of the LORAC Mint Edition palette. One is available at Sephora and one is available at Ulta. I bought the Ulta version because it was temporarily discounted and I had a code and just generally the stars aligned to make it a lovely deal. Because there are two versions of this palette, I am going to start this review with an analysis of their differences so someone who is uncertain can make an informed decision about which one will be more likely to knock her socks off. Also, given that both Sephora and Ulta have made it absurdly difficult to track down information about these palettes, it seems helpful to offer an analysis of their value.

LORAC Mint Edition Palette

The Sephora version of the palette contains eight eyeshadows for a total of 0.25 ounces (note that although there are more shadows in this version, the shadows are smaller!), a highlighter and a blush for a total of 0.22 ounces, and a full sized Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick in Retro (0.17oz), which is a nude color. The box for this one claims a $160 value. Using the full sized values, I calculated a retail value of $132.23. That is substantially below what Sephora claims as the value. It retails for $42.

The Ulta palette value is (calculated using the most generous numbers possible) is 316% retail price, whereas the Sephora version is 315%. Thus, in that sense, they are virtually identical.

However, there are other reasons that one might choose one version over the other. Most notably, the colors are different. The Sephora version contains a matte ivory (absent from the Ulta palette), a matte beige, a matte mint green, a matte black (absent from the Ulta palette), a white pearl shimmer (absent from the Ulta palette), a taupe shimmer, a plum shimmer, and a rich brown shimmer (absent from the Ulta palette). The Ulta version contains a matte khaki (absent from the Sephora palette), a matte beige, a matte mint green, a taupe shimmer, a cool medium brown shimmer (absent from the Sephora palette), and a plum shimmer. The Ulta blush is pink-y coral whereas the Sephora blush is a much warmer peach. The Ulta version comes with a bright, vintage-vibed coral lipgloss and the Sephora one comes with a nude liquid lipstick. Thus, although the general feel of these palettes is similar, the actual products are substantially different. It’s up to you to decide whether one will better suit you. Personally, I have enough matte blacks and whites to last me a lifetime, so the Ulta version was more appealing. On the other hand, if you are intending on traveling with it, the Sephora version is a better “all in one” palette.

On to the actual review:

I will admit that I was a little disappointed when I opened up my package only to discover that what looks like an adorable gingham-inspired print on the Ulta website is actually a tacky chainmail bag that I deservedly hid under my bed and haven’t looked at since I took this picture. It’s got nothing on the tackiness of the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box, but it doesn’t match the fresh aesthetic of the palette itself.
Inside the bag, everything is wrapped up in mint-colored tissue paper.

I love the look of the Lips With Benefits gloss. Not only is the color gorgeous, it is covered in distinct pink tiger stripes. Unfortunately, within about five uses, these stripes would completely disappear.
The pigmentation is quite good. It’s not as opaque as a lipstick, but it certainly isn’t subtle. It smells strongly of marshmallow fluff.
The silver sparkle on the inside of the palette is absolutely precious.

Each of the shadows is quite well-pigmented, though they may be a little bit more powdery than the shadows in LORAC Pro. The blush is a bit glittery for my taste, but it’s a spectacular color.

Overall, I am very happy with this palette. I feel it contains the potential for both funky, mint-inspired looks and lovely neutral looks as well.
LORAC Mint Edition shadow

Furthermore, the colors of the blush and the lip gloss complement the colors in the palette to create a face that both has cohesion and stands out.

1. I’m so excited, LORAC has this on sale on their website for $17 now! I’m loving this VIP sale!

2. It’s also on sale right now at Nordstrom rack for 18$

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