Review: LORAC ‘Pro To Go’ Eye and Cheek Palette

I have been eyeing this sucker on the Sephora website since long before it was in stock. The idea of a handy palette that contains both creamy LORAC shadows plus blushes and a bronzer at my beck-and-call was indisputably alluring.

The palette is shorter than the original LORAC Pro palette, but it’s a little bit wider and much thicker.

The palette folds up, staying together magnetically. You can either keep it compact and flip it over when you move from the eye to the cheek products, or you can swing it all the way open.

The eyeshadows are similar in feel to the original LORAC Pro palette. In theory, the top three shadows are shimmers and bottom three are mattes, just like the original. In actuality, though, that’s not quite accurate. The medium brown shade, Café, had a bit of glitter that stood out to me right away. As a result, I looked closely, and it turns out that there was a tiny bit of glitter in each of the “matte” shades… I checked out my original LORAC Pro palette and, sure enough, there is a bit of faint glitter in each of those shades as well that I had never noticed. (They are matte enough, though, that this escaped my attention for months, so I can’t get too worked up about it.)

Like Too Faced palettes, the base shades are much bigger than the other two, which I think is especially handy for a travel sized palette like this, since they will almost certainly get used up more quickly. All the shadows, though, even the ‘small ones’ are much bigger than I expected. They are dramatically bigger than the shadows in the original LORAC Pro palette.

The shimmer shades include Pearl, a creamy shimmer that’s perfect for highlighting the inner corner of your eye, Chai, a copper, and Mink, a cool gray-ish brown. (If you want to compare to the original Pro Palette: Pearl is most similar to Nude, although it’s very slightly lighter and a little less shimmery. Chai is most similar to Gold, although it’s a tiny bit darker. Mink is most similar to Pewter, but it’s a little more glittery.) The “matte” shades include Shell, a soft cream color with a pink undertone, Café, a warm light brown, and Black, which is… black. (Compared to the original: Shell is a pinker version of Cream, Café is a much, much warmer version of Taupe, and the Black color is exactly the same.)

Every single color has the same amazing texture and perfect opacity that I would expect from LORAC.

In addition to the eyeshadows, there are two blushes: a shimmery coral called, creatively enough, Coral, and a matte Barbie pink called Pink. There is also a bronzer called Bronze.

The bronzer is remarkably similar in both color and pigmentation to Benefit’s Hoola. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is a dupe. When I swatch them side-by-side, the difference is almost imperceptible. (Hoola might be just a hair warmer.) I was worried that the bronzer would be too dark for me, and it is… but it’s wearable.

The blushes are just the right combination of pigmentation and usability. They blend very nicely.

The kit also comes with two brushes: an eyeshadow brush and an angled eyeliner brush. However, I think that the brushes are basically throw-aways. They’re dinky and very small. Even traveling, I would rather bring my own brushes.

Overall, I think this kit is great. It’s not quite perfect for me; a lighter bronzer and a matte dark brown instead of a black would have increased the amount that I personally liked the kit… but these are small complaints, and I am sure other people prefer it as it is.

Some full-face looks with the palette:

The shimmer eyeshadows, the pink blush, and the bronzer for contouring.


The matte shadows and the coral blush.

The six eyeshadows add up to a total of 0.44oz, and the blushes and bronzer add up to 0.36oz. I have seen a lot of reddit posts and blog entries suggesting that this palette is overpriced. “For only $4 more, I could buy the original LORAC Pro palette and get a full sixteen eyeshadows”, they argued. I think looking at the weight of the palette really demonstrates why this is faulty reasoning. The original LORAC Pro palette contained only 0.32 oz of shadow. The ‘Pro To Go’ contains 0.12oz of shadow more than the original Pro palette and you get two blushes and a bronzer on top of that. Again, for $4 less. In light of that, I think it’s really hard to seriously argue that this is overpriced in comparison to other LORAC products; I think that this is a steal.The original is more versatile, of course, because it has more colors, but the ‘Pro To Go’ is still priced low given the huge amount of product it contains.

It’s always difficult to calculate value for mixed product palettes, but I can say that at $38 for 0.8oz of product, this comes out to $47.50 per ounce. That’s low for eyeshadow, low for bronzer, and low for blush. Given that the quality is absolutely there, I am very pleased with this purchase.

I do speculate that some people who own the original palette will find this one to be redundant. However, I would absolutely advocate for this for anyone who:
1. Doesn’t own the original LORAC Pro palette. LORAC shadows are awesome and your life is incomplete without them.
2. Does own the original LORAC Pro palette but thinks you can never have too many neutrals and blushes.
or 3. Is looking for a handy all-in-one palette to bring with them while traveling.

1. I love your work, thanks!

2. Totally grabbed this when Sephora was phasing out Lorac from their website…totally love the Bronze shade. It’s perfect for my skintone 😀

3. Hello!
Thank you for a detailed review, but I have a question – what single-eyeshadow from MAC or other brands is “Cafe” matching? I really love that shade but I don’t want to waste 38$ just for a single eyeshadow.
Would you be so kind to help me?