Review: LORAC Sweet Temptations Natural Eyeshadow Palette Set/LORAC Eye Candy Set

I purchased the LORAC Eye Candy Set last year, but I purchased it right as it sold out. As a result, I never reviewed it. After all, why would y’all care about a product that is no longer available for purchase? However, it has come to my attention that Kohl’s is selling a new version of these palettes for 2016 under the name “Sweet Temptations Natural Eyeshadow Set”. I’ve had a couple of people ask me about last year’s version, so I decided to do a review, in case it affects your judgement of the 2016 edition.

The Eye Candy Set came with a liner and blush/lip palette that I didn’t bother to include in this review, as there is no 2016 analog.

The Sweet Temptations set includes four mini eyeshadow palettes designed to look like candy bars. It’s definitely one of those things where you immediately think it looks like a candy bar, but the longer you look at it, the more you think, “It… it doesn’t look like a candy bar at all!” It’s the visual equivalent of repeating a word until it doesn’t sound like a real word anymore.
The 2012 palettes include Ooh La La Vanilla, Caramel Love Affair, Tantalizing Cocoa, and Blackberry Truffle seduction. (The 2016 versions include Indulge in White Chocolate, Satisfying Toffee Crunch, Tease Me Truffles, and Tantalizing Dark Chocolate.)

Ooh La La Vanilla
Each of the palettes flips up to reveal four pans of eyeshadow (0.0425 oz per pan) and a tiny little mirror. (You are correct in noticing that I still have the protective sheet on my mirror, as I don’t really apply my eyeshadow on the go.)
This palette contains a creamy highlight that looks likes cream with the tiniest splash of coffee in it, a camel that would be perfect for a mountain man’s jacket if not for the shimmery, satin finish, a not-quite-matte-but-almost-matte milk chocolate color, and a dark chocolate-colored satin.
All the colors are creamy, blendable, and wearable. The texture is definitely significantly different from, say, the LORAC Pro Palette. These feel more similar to Urban Decay shadows. They’re definitely buttery and pigmented, but there’s a very faint, underlying grittiness to them.

Caramel Love Affair 
This palette is definitely the warmest eyeshadow palette of the bunch. The highlight color is absurdly similar to the highlight in Ooh La La Vanilla. It is, perhaps, just a touch warmer than its companion. It also contains a beautiful bronze metallic, a warm, medium brown, and a muddy garnet.
This is probably my favorite palette of the bunch because it is a neutral palette that is still substantially unexpected due to the warm, red tones it contains.

Tantalizing Cocoa
Again, the highlight on this palette is strikingly similar to the previous two highlights. It is the tiniest, tiniest, you-wouldn’t-even-know-it-unless-you-swatched-them-side-by-side-and-even-then-I-had-to-REALLY-look a bit darker than the highlight in Ooh La La Vanilla. The palette also contains a camel color (also similar to the color in Ooh La La Vanilla, but a little brighter), a dark brown, and a black with brown shimmer and glitter.
This palette is so similar to Ooh La La Vanilla that it feels redundant. The first two colors are so similar that no one who is looking at you will be able to tell the difference (pinky promise). I prefer the Tantalizing Cocoa version, however, because I don’t love mixing mattes and shimmers and because the darker shade offers more contrast.

Blackberry Truffle Seduction
This palette is substantially different from the other three palettes because it isn’t filled with neutrals!
This palette contains a frosty, shimmery white, a dark, plummy purple, a blue-tinted slate, and a not-quite-matte black.
I like the fact that there is a white and a bunch of dark colors. This really facilitates drama in a way that the other palettes do not.
With that said, I had the hardest time blending the eyeshadows in this palette. They seemed to get weirdly stuck in place, meaning that it took more effort to smoke them out.
There are definitely things about this palette set that I love. The pigmentation on the shadows is beautiful. Even though the texture isn’t quite as smooth as I might hope for from LORAC palettes, that’s not a problem for three of the four quads (Blackberry Truffle Seduction being the exception.) Furthermore, the idea of having convenient, travel-friendly neutral options is really appealing to me. I don’t want to bring an eyeshadow palette the size of a subway sandwich on a weekend trip. I brought Tantalizing Cocoa to Thanksgiving this year and I thought it was really convenient to have a completely neutral, grandma-appropriate eye in such a small container. I do suspect, however, two of these palettes will find new homes in the next couple of months: Ooh La La Vanilla is, in my opinion, redundant, and I have better eyeshadow that serves the same function as Blackberry Truffle Seduction.

The LORAC Sweet Temptations Natural Eyeshadow Palette set retails for $36 for four 0.17oz palettes, putting it at super inexpensive $52.94 per ounce. The LORAC Pro Palette, for comparison, is $42 for 0.32oz, or $131.25 per ounce.


1. These look amazing for the price. I might look into getting these.

2. If you do, tell me your thoughts!

3. I’m amongst the few people who actually like reviews of discontinued items; I use blog photos to check for ebay fakes, if possible.

I’ve been wanting to buy the long-discontinued Anna Sui Mystic Rose blush off ebay for ages, but unfortunately I still can’t tell whether the ones for sale are real or not. Funnily enough, googling product reviews for Mystic Rose lead to me finding your wonderful blog, so it wasn’t entirely fruitless searching! 🙂

4. Seconded for exactly that reason!

5. I’m glad you’re here!

6. I don’t mind reviews of discounted stuff either! These look really cute – as a group of four palettes I would have thought there’d have been a little more variety on the neutrals front but they’re all gorgeous!

7. Yeah, they’re a little more similar than I might have hoped.

8. Do you want a broken Cynthia Rowley palette to review because Birchbox is sending me a new one – and from what I see on the Internet that means I’ll soon have 2 broken palettes. You can do a new segment “reviews of unwanted junk people send me.”

9. I would love one! I need to set up an email address for this blog so y’all can contact me about stuff like this, haha.

10. If you have a reddit account, would you mind PMing /u/intangiblemango?

11. Holy crap, that is a fantastic username!

12. I would just like to say that your blog is the shit and also I find these reviews helpful.
This may not really be your thing, but I would totally appreciate a post recommending various palettes (or other products, but I am in need of shadow palette help!) depending on what you are looking for. Even if it just builds on your past reviews. E.g., order Palette A if you want neutrals, a mix of mattes/shimmers, and don’t mind paying a bit more; order Palette B if you want drama, glitter, and portability…etc. And of course your usual value on the dollar assessments would be helpful as well!

[PS since it’s my first time commenting–no option for anon/name-only commenting? I hate linking comments to my actual google profile!]

13. Ooo was similar to the one on the discounted Urban Decay palettes you did, but for multiple brands! (Digging through your eyeshadow palette archives like a creeper…)

14. Hm. I can try!

15. And I apologize about the commenting system. I just have what the blogger gives me.

16. “It’s the visual equivalent of repeating a word until it doesn’t sound like a real word anymore. ” I just fricken love you because you say things like just GET IT.

17. is the phrasing I’ve heard it under.

18. Technically the palettes Kohl’s is selling is the Ulta exclusive from last year from Lorac. Sephora and Ulta came out with a candy bar themed eyeshadow palette from Lorac but the colors varied greatly! I bought the one from Kohls/Ulta. i’m guessing you bought your palette from Sephora?

19. I actually bought it from Hautelook, but it’s the Sephora version! Thanks for the info!

20. Your eye looks are always super gorgeous,!! 🙂 I’m tempted to buy these but I still have a ton of other eyeshadows to use up haha.