Review: MAC Immortal Flower Blush

MAC’s Immortal Flower blush was released as a part of MAC’s limited edition “All About Orange” collection. It’s sold out on the MAC website, but it’s still available from Nordstrom here, and from a few other miscellaneous authorized sellers.

I was really excited about this blush, despite the dinky name. (When I hear “Immortal Flower”, I immediately think of 1. plastic flowers at the doctor’s office and 2. orientalism.) The color looks completely gorgeous, and I’ve had really good luck with MAC blushes in the past.

The color is a light, peachy pink with a satin finish.

The big problem I have with it isn’t the color or the formula or
anything like that– it’s the product maintenance. I’m not sure what it
is about certain blushes that causes them to wind up with a film of
hard grease on top of the blush, obscuring the pigment, but this is one of the ones that does it.
I’ve been wearing this for almost a month now and finding that I have to scrape off the top every couple of times that I use it. This is not only a big pain, but it’s a waste of product.

The blush isn’t very pigmented, meaning that it looks natural and glow-y on fair skin. Sadly, I don’t think that this would work well on darker skin because the product can’t be built up very much. (Personally, though, I’ve been using this blush a ton.)

Immortal Flower retails for $21 for 0.21oz, or $100 per ounce.


1. The product build up could be because you’re using a brush that’s still “wet” from other products (e.g. liquid foundation).

2. It’s possible that it is related to my liquid foundation, but I have definitely found that some blushes clog up really easily and some do not! I use clean brushes, so there’s only so much I can do to prevent it.

3. But still, some products are particularly prone to this because I’ve had the same problem with a blush I adore from MAC “At Dusk”. I don’t have the problem with TheBalm blushes nor Benefit nor my other MAC blush. Some just seem strangely prone.

BTW, love the rate of the blog posts! The more you post, the happier I am.

4. It’s always my goal to post every day, but I don’t succeed, haha.

5. Maybe the blue overtones in your picture are too strong, but I don’t see any blush at all on your actual face :/

6. I would love to understand how/why that grease thing builds up. I’ve the same problem w/ a very expensive Givenchy powder at the moment.

7. Let me know if you discover a pattern…

8. As far as I know, it’s actually facial oils/sebum that transfer from your brush to the blush and harden the surface. I see it happen a lot to testers of pressed facial powders at my work because people use their fingers to swatch with.

9. Some things definitely clog up more easily than others, though!