Review: MAC Just a Bite Lipstick

MAC’s fall collection is called the “Indulgence Collection”. Weirdly, a few of the products were named in direct contradiction to the theme of the collection. “Just A Bite” is one of those. It should have been named “Eating an Entire Tub of Ben and Jerry’s By Myself”. That is an indulgence. “Just A Bite” is not. (I guess maybe we’re assuming that it’s one of those situations where someone says they are just taking a bite but then eat the whole thing? But that is hardly an indulgence for the person whose dessert is being shamelessly stolen!)

I actually bought this lipstick based on the color in the tube, where it looks like a vampy dark red. This was foolish given that the color in the tube clearly did not match MAC’s description… and it looks as described. MAC calls this a “mid-tone blue red” with a satin finish.Although it’s definitely on the darker side of medium, this is a very bright, cool-toned color. It’s not fully opaque (so if you had, say, a mark on your lip, it would show through), but the color is very rich.

MAC Just a Bite Swatch

I love me some matte lipsticks. The look of a matte lipstick is really appealing to me. But there is something so much sexier and more sensual about the hint of not-over-the-top sheen you get from this lipstick in that blood-red color. A fully matte, fully opaque lipstick like MAC’s Ruby Woo or Russian Red creates lips you want to photograph. Just a Bite creates lips you want to make out with, smearing lipstick everywhere.

MAC Just a Bite on Human Face

The staying power on this lipstick is truly fabulous. After my “four hours and a meal” test, my lipstick basically looked as if I had just applied it. Even after the lipstick had faded significantly (around eight hours after I had applied it), it left behind a stain that kept my lips dark for another couple of hours.

This product definitely wasn’t what I was expecting in terms of color. (I feel like showing pictures of the lipstick tube on a website can be actively misleading if the color on your lips is so different from the color in the tube!) However, it’s quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite lipsticks. I picked it up from Nordstrom about a week ago and have worn it just about every day since then.

As always, MAC lipsticks cost $15 for 0.1oz ($150 per ounce).


1. That color looks absolutely divine on you!

2.  Thank you!

3. It’s really gorgeous, perfect for Autumn/Winter!

4.  Absolutely true!

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6. Dear Sassa’s wallet,

If you feel that you have unjustly been the victim of looking at pictures of beautiful lipstick, you may be entitled to makeup!*

If you choose to retain me as your lawyer/personal shopper/internet best friend, I expect to paid in lipstick as well.

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