Review: MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

I don’t own Ruby Woo. As one of MAC’s crowd favorites, Ruby Woo has charmed more than a handful of women. Rihanna’s limited edition MAC collection, Rihanna Hearts MAC, contains a lipstick supposedly “inspired by” Ruby Woo. According to those who own both, the two lipsticks are practically identical.

I had been eyeing Ruby Woo for a while. When RiRi Hearts MAC was released, I grabbed it in a split-second decision. My approximate thought process: “There’s… a signature on it! I don’t know! Special! Everyone is putting up with computer troubles trying to nab this! Something!”

Luckily, this Ruby Woo doppelgänger more than lives up to expectations. It’s a relatively cool-toned red that feels absolutely classic. The matte finish is almost velvet-like. It’s a little more stiff and less creamy than most lipsticks, but that doesn’t hinder application in any way.
The wear-time is truly impressive. Not only did it pass my “four hours and a meal test” completely perfectly, I subjected it to a particularly rough four hours. After stuffing my face with Eggs Benedict, walking around in 105-degree heat sans hat or umbrella (ella, ella, eh, eh eh), and giving my boyfriend a couple of (admittedly relatively chaste) smootches, it still looked as if it had just been applied. Indeed, I looked at my water glass at brunch after taking a few sips and thought, “Wow, there is absolutely no lip-print left over.”

I mix up my lipsticks pretty frequently, but this product has captivated me enough that I have worn it consecutively Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (it showed up on my doorstep on Friday). I have a feeling I’ll be picking up the classic Ruby Woo when I finish this tube!

Like all MAC lipsticks, RiRi Woo retailed for $15 for 0.1oz ($150 per ounce).