If you describe something using the word “plush”, I’m generally going to assume that you are talking about a stuffed bunny rabbit. In the case of the Maybelline Eyestudio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadows, though, they’re just lovely, fine-milled colors. No fuzzy creatures involved.

The packaging on these shadows is a little unfortunate, in my opinion. The lids feel very fragile and cheap, and the accompanying sponge-y applicators are narrow and unpleasant– even for generally sponge-y applicators, which seem to be awful as a rule.

With the eyeshadow pan shape, I think they were trying to be snazzy, but they just remind me of the flashing arrow board signs that tell you that you have to merge when there is road construction. Luckily for them, what’s in the pans is much more appealing.

Image source: http://www.hudsonsafetlite.com/images/products/arrow_board.jpg

I have two of these palettes: Coral Oasis and Gutsy Green.

Coral Oasis is a warm palette that’s neutral, but not boring. Even if you already have eight thousand brown palettes, the colors are quirky enough that they probably aren’t repeats in your collection. It’s definitely not the palette that I would imagine if you just told me it was called “Coral Oasis”, but that can be easily forgiven.

There are four unnamed shades in each of these palettes. The highlight shade is the largest. I personally like it when companies do this because I use highlight shades a looooot.

This palette contains four shimmery shades:

1. A ‘manila folder’ peach-y cream.
2. A color that I would either describe as a golden chartreuse or a green-tinged gold, depending on the day.
3. A bronze-y coral.
4. A rich, coffee bean brown.

Two swipes, no primer.

As you can see, the colors are really saturated and beautiful. I was really blown away when I first swatched these because they are so smooth, so buttery, and so pigmented that they don’t feel like they came from the drugstore.

Plus, they look awesome on my face:

Maybelline Coral Oasis on Human Face

My second palette is called Gutsy Green. This is another rather weirdly named palette, since none of the colors are an archetypal green. Again, though, I like the colors, so I couldn’t care less what the shadows are called.

Gutsy Green contains four shimmery shades:

1. A yellow-y lime green with a little silver sheen.
2. A wintermint.
3. A kickass please-send-me-to-Hawaii teal.
4. A dusty forest green.

These also have a superb texture. They apply and blend like a dream.

Maybelline Gutsy Green on Human Face

I have heard that these little palettes are a bit hit-or-miss, but both of these are definitely hits.

Still, nothing in life is without its downside. For these, the downside is price. I mentioned earlier that these shadows don’t feel like a drugstore product. Unfortunately, they’re not priced like a drugstore product, either.

The Maybelline Color Plush Silk Eyeshadows retail for $9.99 for 0.09 oz. That’s a full $111 per ounce. You can buy a Stila Palette for $79.79 per ounce. Urban Decay’s Naked palettes come in at $86.67 per ounce. Kat Von D’s palettes are usually $90 per ounce. Although Maybelline’s $9.99 overall pricetag isn’t too scary, the price per ounce is very firmly in the terrain of mid-range brands. I would argue that the quality is also there– I wouldn’t be poo-pooing these shadows if they can from Stila, either– but it’s important to recognize that these are not bargains. Plus, you get tacky packaging.

Drugstore makeup does go on sale much more frequently than mid-range makeup, so it might be worth it to milk their drugstore status via coupons. Still, even at “Buy one, get one half off”, you’re spending $14.99 on 0.18 oz, or $83.28 per ounce. That’s still much more expensive than a typical drugstore shadow.

Source: HelloCampComfort


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