Review: Maybelline Great Lash Colored Mascaras in I See Blue, Vision in Violet, and Wink of Pink

Every summer for the past three years, Maybelline has released a variety of limited-edition colored mascaras. This year they released six shades: So Very Berry, Vision in Violet, Green With Envy, I See Blue, Teal Appeal, and Wink of Pink.

Because my town of residence is the worst and internet shopping is still inexplicably insufficient, I didn’t have access to these for a long while. I had to get someone to mail them to me, which is why I’m reviewing them a month and a half later than everyone else.

I could see from looking at the colors that some of them were going to be less dramatic than I might have wished. In particular, So Very Berry looks like a step above brown. Since Great Lash mascaras are really not impressive to me, I wanted to choose colors that would stand out. That way, it’s clear why my mascara isn’t giving me dense, long lashes. I don’t want my lashes to look accidental. Consequentially, I chose what looked like the boldest of
the colors:  I See Blue, Vision in Violet, and Wink of Pink.

The blue color is a really bold, cool cerulean. The purple, sadly, despite the bold color on the tube, was pretty dusty and dark. The pink was a spectacular hot pink.

All three mascaras were very wet, meaning it was easy to end up with lashes that were all stuck together. I tried them over a white mascara primer in an attempt to coax out some extra length (Lancome Cils Primer XL) and, unfortunately, the clumping was even more extreme.

I was expecting, based on previous reviews, for I See Blue to be the most dramatic. It was definitely visible, but I felt like you couldn’t really see it from a distance. If you’re on a budget and you’re lusting after a bright blue mascara, this might be a good option. That being said, I really prefer some of the slightly more expensive options. I recently tried out Butter London’s Wink colored mascaras and I adore Inky Six, their cornflower blue. (I’ll review it in the next week or two!)

Maybelline Great Lash in I See Blue on Human Face

Vision in Violet was the big disappointment out of the three. On my lashes, it looked more gray than purple. As a result, the “you’re wearing bad mascara” effect was much stronger than the “you’re wearing purple mascara” effect. I am not sure I understand the logic of purchasing a colored mascara that is subtle, since it ends up looking accidental. If you’re going to wear colored mascara, you pretty much have to commit.
Wink of Pink was my favorite by a longshot. The color was both vivid and saturated, creating a fabulous effect on my lashes. It was also the least clumpy out of the three that I tried.

The Maybelline Colored Mascaras retail for $6.40 for 0.43 fluid oz ($14.88 per ounce).


1. I soo agree with the sentiment that if you are going to wear colored mascara, you gotta commit! I agree the colors should a lways be bolder. I didn’t get to try these but I enjoyed your review!

2. I’m sure they’ll be back next year if anyone who missed them wants to try them!

3. I love love love the first and second shots though the first looks purple and the second looks grey. I have a GIvenchy waterpoorf mascara in blue I can send you if you’d like (I’ve used it two times max). It’d be like a thank you for helping me figure out Sephora values and best eye/face primers! That was a lot of work.

4. Love the pink and blue, though I agree the purple is pretty pathetic. Your overall look in that first picture is so striking and awesome!

5. I picked up this same purple last year and was really disappointed too. However I picked up the Rimmel version (Rimmel Limited Edition Extra Pop Lash Colored Mascara) thanks to Nouveau cheap and the purple is super bright and gorgeous.