Review: Maybelline Vivids Color Sensational Lipstick

As one of the brands that inaugurated middle-school me to makeup, Maybelline maintains a major place in my heart. The ‘Vivids’ lipsticks show that they deserve it.

I purchased Shocking Coral, Vivid Rose, and Pink Pop.

One thing that immediately bothers me about the packaging of these lipsticks is that all the fucking colors are packaged in the same orange-y plastic. I know I don’t normally get to admire the color of my lipsticks when the lid is on (no X-ray vision), but for some reason I have a real visceral reaction to the packaging and I always kind of expect that the color in the tube to be related to the cap. I consistently think “Oh, I don’t want that color”. Then I open the cap and think, “Just kidding. Yes I do.” I wish the color was either a reflection of the color of the lipstick OR that they were a totally off-the-wall color like turquoise. (Or, you know… a neutral.)

Each of the colors is bright and opaque. They apply smoothly, which is a great pairing for such gorgeous colors.

Shocking Coral is a warm reddish coral.
Vivid Rose is rosy fuchsia color.
Pink Pop is a bubblegum pink.

From left to right: Shocking Coral, Vivid Rose, and Pink Pop.

I didn’t actually have particularly high hopes for the lasting ability of these lipsticks since the colors are so off-the-wall in terms of color, but all of them deliver. Even Pink Pop, which I all but wrote off as something that would need constant re-application, easily passed my “four hours and a meal” test.

Pink Pop Before and After Four Hours Plus a Meal
Vivid Rose Before and After Four Hours Plus a Meal
Shocking Coral Before and After Four Hours Plus a Meal

Maybelline Vivids retail for $7.49 for 0.15 oz ($49.93 per ounce). Given that the quality easily equals much more expensive lipsticks, I would highly recommend them to anyone who likes bold lips. (The meanest thing I can say about them is that I don’t like the color of the packaging.)

1. I own all the entire Vivids line, they were the lipsticks that got me into lipsticks this summer. Hot Plum and Vivid Orange are my favorites!

2. I’ll almost certainly be buying a few more, so I’ll have to look into those!

3. I have the shirt you’re wearing in the last picture! It no longer fits, though. Where the hell is it even from? And what pieces of music are jumbled together in the print?

4. I got it from Urban Outfitters many, many, many years ago.

5. Vivid Rose looks wonderful on you! I absolutely love your reviews, I have Shocking Coral and I was so surprised by the quality of it! I expected them to be good, but not that good.

6. I waaaaaaaaaaaant orange lipstick. I’m glad these stand up to your scrutiny, maybe I’ll go find a couple 😀

7. They are quite nice!