Review: Miscellaneous Shiro Eyeshadows

The last time I reviewed a product from an indie company, the owner of company took to facebook to write about how my makeup is bad, my reviews are bad, and I should feel bad. (My review wasn’t even particularly negative.) As a result, I just kind of decided to stick to products that are popular enough that the owner of the company doesn’t give a shit about what I say. Less hurt feelings that way.

However, I was so pleased with the eyeshadow that I received from Shiro Cosmetics this past week that I figured y’all should hear about their awesomeness.

All my eyeshadow purchases together.

I purchased twelve minis and was given three samples on top of my order. The owner, Caitlin, also included some candy along with my package, which was promptly consumed. (Don’t expect banana Laffy Taffy to last in my hands.) The minis have a little sifter, which is blocked off by a sticky pad. I explicitly purchased colors that are fucking fun, since fun colors are sometimes easier to get with indie brands.


Shiro eyeshadows are in collections based around some theme, such as the Hunger Games or Lord of the Rings. The website boasts that it is “makeup and geekery”. I know it is very charming to some people but is a little too silly for me. Honestly, it’s probably because her chosen themes are things I’m not particularly fond of. I might be more easily enticed by a collection named after famous psychologists, mathematical theorems, developmental genes (we all know what color Sonic Hedgehog, SHH, would be!), or elementary particles.

Honestly, though, if her themes aren’t to my taste but her eyeshadow is good, big fucking deal. I’ll take the awesome eyeshadow. And, thankfully, that is exactly what happened.

As always, my swatches are two swipes of color over no primer. Worth noting: every single shade was a glitterbomb.

Here’s what I purchased

From left to right: Whiteout, the Truth, Snake, Cornucopia

Whiteout: A sparkly golden cream.

The Truth: A true, sparkle-filled white.

Snake: A yellow-leaning chartreuse.

Cornucopia: A dark, golden color.

From left to right: Whiteout, the Truth, Snake, Cornucopia

Pigmentation on all of these suckers is top notch.

From left to right: Rupee, There And Back Again, Lingered in Twilight, Vine Whip

Rupee: A lime green.

There And Back Again: A true, medium green (much less blue than it appears on the Shiro website).

Lingered in Twilight: This is a shimmery dark green. Unfortunately, in a lot of lighting, it comes across a little bit like a glittery black.

Vine Whip: I think that this is my favorite out of all the shadows that I purchased. It’s not as described– the website says it’s a “bright, shimmering grassy green with a hint of a gold undertone”, and the picture is in accordance with that description. I received a turquoise… but it’s a turquoise that’s fucking beautiful.

From left to right: Rupee, There and Back Again, Lingered in Twilight, Vine Whip


Again, super solid pigmentation on all the colors.

From left to right: Attercop Attercop, Team Rocket, Majora’s Mask, Eye Contact

Attercop Attercop: I didn’t like this one, but it’s because I’m a failure and only looked at swatches instead of reading the description. I was hoping for a dark blue (which is what I observed in the swatch). What I got was exactly what was described– a black with blue glitter. Whoops.

Team Rocket: This is another one where I didn’t get quite what I was expecting. The website shows a really deep, bright, royal purple. In actuality, the shade is much lighter; it’s sort of a warm, medium-purple. It was also really hard to built the pigmentation up, which is very unusual for a loose pigment like this.

Majora’s Mask: A medium purple filled with multidimensional glitter in a wide range of colors.

Eye Contact: A lovely fuschia.

From left to right: Attercop Attercop, Team Rocket, Majora’s Mask, Eye Contact

Team Rocket, Majora’s Mask, and Eye contact were all a little less buildable than I might have hoped, but they still look pretty good.

From left to right: Philosopher’s Stone, King Under the Mountain, Rebellion

Philosopher’s Stone: A dark, muddy red.

King Under the Mountain: An earthy brown with lots of blue sparkle.

Rebellion: A black.

From left to right: Philosopher’s Stone, King Under the Mountain, Rebellion

I will admit that I would have preferred to try out some more bright colors as opposed to neutrals (I am pretty sure I have enough brown eyeshadow to paint all my walls taupe at this point), but I can only assume she looked at the whacko colors I bought and thought, “How the hell are you going to wear all this shit?! Have some damn brown!”… which is probably fair.

Here are some looks I’ve put together using the above Shiro eyeshadows:

Caitlin doesn’t have a mass listed for the sample size (she lists it at 1/4tsp), but I weighed them and found that they are all about 0.6 g/0.02oz (obviously, not counting the baggie). This quickly called into question her listed masses on the website. The mini is supposedly 1g/0.035oz for $3.50 ($100 per ounce) and the full-size is 2g/0.07oz for $5 ($71.43 per ounce).

The reason that I found these numbers suspect is that the sample size, based on my measurements, comes out to only $50 an ounce, making it a better deal than either the mini or the full size. That would be terrible business, because it would dis-encentivize purchasing the full size product.

I ended up dissecting one of my minis to test whether it was 1 gram. Sure enough, it was. That means that, based on the sample sizes that I received, the samples are a better deal than buying the product. Because I purchased minis, I basically managed to get the worst deal on the site.

Shiro also offers discounts for larger purchases. 10 of anything gets you a 10% discount, putting the price per ounce at $45 per ounce for samples, $90 per ounce for the minis, and $63.39 per ounce for the full sizes. A purchase of 25 full sized versions gets you a 20% discount, making it $57.14 per ounce… which is still more expensive than stocking up on samples!

It is worth noting that you do get a sifter jar for mini and full size purchases, which is obviously much more practical than lugging around tiny baggies.

1. I buy 3g jars and decant samples into them, so if you add the money and effort of buying the jars, waiting for the jars, decanting the baggies, carefully peeling off the label and moving it to the jar… well, that’s why I opt for mini jars when they’re available 😉

Which company badmouthed you?! That is some seriously bad business sense right there.

2. Mon Ennui.

3. There’s an entire Tumblr blog dedicated to how rude and bizarre the owner is. Another one for the blacklist…

4. Man, I had no idea that Vivi Ennui incident happened. What a nutjob – she just lost a potential customer. Sorry that happened to you.

5. Wow, I had been eying some Mon Ennui pigments but her behavior gives me some serious pause.

6.  Awesome review as usual! The Shiro names don’t dazzle me either…you could call something “fetid roadkill” but if it looked gorgeous I’d be all over it!

7. I would love a shadow called fetid roadkill.

8. Do you know about ZOMG Smells? ( They make their own perfume and there are a ton named after elementary particles. There’s a series of 6 named after quarks, and so on. And they can make them into soap now! I have never gotten into perfume and occasionally splash on some essential oil or something, but I always want to buy theirs….

9. I wonder if they’re any good…

10. I have bought LOADS from Zomg and I vouch for them 🙂

11. Awesome looks! Long time reader, first time commenter here. Out of curiosity, what type of brush did you use to apply the shadows? I need to upgrade from my Elf C-brush because as much as I love the pigmentation/color choices, I always have a lot of fallout from Shiro eyeshadows.

12. MAC 239!

13. Damn, I am really going to have to spend money on some MAC brushes huh? Everyone loves them. It’s time for me to upgrade my brush collection anyway.