Review: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu

For some reason, fashionistas worldwide have concluded that you only get to have a vampy lip in the winter. Well, fuck the fashion police, because I am going to pretend to be in Australia and rock the shit out of NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu in ninety-five degree weather.
I love basically any makeup product that makes me feel like a five-year-old in the corner of their kindergarten class, so lip crayons are always hugely appealing to me. In general, I find that they go on less messily than traditional lipsticks (meaning you can skip the lip liner) and, afterwards, last longer.These pencils by NARS, unsurprisingly given their name, claim to have a “velvet matte finish”, which I would describe more as a demi-matte. Although Sephora and NARS both describe Train Bleu as an “deep aubergine”, I find that Train Bleu has more red and berry tones than a true eggplant. This makes it feel like ‘exotic and wacky’ and more ‘evil supervillain’.

This lip pencil definitely floundered a little bit in the “four-hours-and-meal” test. It made my lips feel dry and cracked, and the color diminished significantly. A layer of chapstick does help reduce your pain (though it does not increase the wear time).

Although this didn’t last as well as I might have hoped, I have yet to find a color this dark and dramatic that fairs better for longwear. I think this may be a tricky color, not a bad formula by NARS.

This pencil retails for $24 for 0.08 oz ($300 per ounce). For comparison, the Bite Beauty Matte Lip Pencil retails for $24 for 0.09 oz ($266.67 per ounce) and an Inglot Matte Lip Pencil is $11 for 0.16 oz (65.75 per ounce).


I really want this, it’s such a pretty colour!


This color reminds me of a combination of Wet n Wild’s Mega Last Lipsticks in Cherry Bomb and Vamp It Up! Both are super vampy and I love the formula of those lipsticks – I find them very long-lasting.