Review: NYX Push Up Bra For Eyebrows

The NYX Push Up Bra for Eyebrows is a dual-ended pencil that brings together a creamy pink highlighter and an eyebrow filler to give your brows a lift.

When I first saw this product, I was intrigued. My current method of a powder filler doesn’t leave my eyebrows as impeccable as I might wish. I hoped that it might facilitate a sharper, cleaner line on my brows.

The eyebrow filler is a cool taupe that NYX touts as a “universal color”. It has a faint, silver glitter that is barely noticeable. The pencil is almost as hard as a number two pencil, and it only offers a faint, unblendable line.

In contrast, the highlighter side is opaque, soft, and creamy.

Together, the highlighter and brow pencil do create a more defined line than eyebrow powder alone.

The pink highlighter stick is truly gorgeous. It brightens my eye, but it looks completely natural. The smooth, creamy texture is super blendable, making it easy to work with. Unfortunately, though, I do not feel that this would work well for women with dark skin, since it would likely look chalky and greyish.

Sadly, though, I haven’t yet learned my lesson about “universal colors”. The eyebrow pencil is simply too dark for my eyebrows. It’s not flattering, it’s not easy to apply, and it’s too damn pointy. I would be much more satisfied with a lighter color.

For some reason I didn’t think it was important to clean up my eyebrows before doing this post.

Overall, I think this would be a great product for women with pale skin and very dark eyebrows. For the rest of us, we’re only getting half the product.
That being said, this comes in at only $10, so it may be worth it for some people to buy it for only one side. The entire product is 0.12oz (so this costs $83.33 per ounce). If you are only interested in the highlighter side, you’re paying $166.66 per ounce. Benefit’s High Brow, for comparison, is $20 for 0.10oz, or $200 per ounce. Thus, this could still save some people a bit of money even if they only wanted half the product.


  1. RADSurvivor

    I’ve found that this root touch up stick by Roux (comes in several colors – I use the auburn) is pretty handy in making a more defined filled-in brow. I originally bought it for the original purpose of hiding my roots. But I read in a review, Amazon iirc, how one person recommended trying it for filling in brows. Grab a stiff angled brush for filling in brows, pass the stick under water quickly to soften, stroke brush onto stick and fill in brows! The color can be buildable as long as the stick/product isn’t too dampened. Otherwise, it can get runny and hard to control when filling in brows. If I want a little more definition, I use a little brow powder over it as needed.

  2. LT

    This doesn’t have anything to do with this specific post (except that it’s as awesome as all your posts) but I just want to say, keep going lady! You are terrific! I love your passion for makeup, your commitment to equal access to same for all ladies, your big gorgeous brain, your eye for bullshit, and especially your funny and relatable writing. This is one of the few blogs that I check regularly instead of googling when I need to see a swatch or review of something specific. Love from a faithful reader!


    Thank you so much for the kind words!

  4. Katey

    I think the color actually looks really good on you. Maybe a little less natural than the powder alone, but if you’re going for a sharper, more defined and dark eyebrow for a look I think this could be the way to go for you.
    But I feel you about “universal colors”. I’m a redhead. My eyebrows are blonde, and I fill them in red. Some eyebrow lines don’t even carry red. I know a dark color like this would look completely ridiculous on me. I wish they would sell the highlighter on its own, because that seems like a great product. You seem to be good as far as powder, but if you ever want to try a new kit, NYX has a really good one.

  5. nichole

    Have you ever used Benefits “High Brow”? Its a pink creamy highlighting pencil, and I wonder how it compares to this pencil in terms of highlighting and formula. Because, at $20, it’s a bit high for my tastes.