Review: NYX Studio Liquid Liners in Extreme Coffee, Extreme Blue, and Extreme Purple

Colored eyeliners can be untrustworthy little buggers. You frequently end up with colors that look like they were mixed with water, formulas that burn your eyes, or imprecise lines that smudge off the moment your eyes water.

Luckily, the NYX Studio Liquid Liners exist to kick those crappy eyeliners’ asses.

I must admit, these aren’t flawless; the brush is definitely not well-designed. It’s long and floppy, which makes it difficult to get a precise line. It’s not impossible to work with, but it might be a challenge for someone who isn’t already comfortable with liquid eyeliner. (If you’re a liquid liner pro, though, I don’t think that you’ll find that the brush detracts from the eyeliner-wearing experience too much.)
Luckily, the gorgeous colors more than make up for any faults in the brush. Each of the liners has a patent-like sheen and is fully opaque and saturated with gorgeous color.

Extreme Coffee is a deep, dark bronze.
Extreme Blue is a vibrant cerulean.
Extreme Purple is a medium royal purple.
Once they dry, these suckers are borderline permanent. Do you have nights where you kind of wash your makeup off lazily? Splash some water on your face, use a facewipe, and call it good. Yeah… that won’t work when you are wearing these eyeliners. You can rub these as hard as you want. You can shower with them on. It doesn’t matter: you need makeup remover to get them off.

(The swatches you are seeing lasted through two showers and a bath. I had to break out the soap to get them off, which is a serious break from my usual shower routine of staring at the wall while I stand under hot water.)

For some people, this will be a benefit. For others, a disadvantage. If you’re lazy, it might be a pain to remove them. If you have a problem with makeup migration (either due to a humid climate or an oilier -than-average face), these will solve all your problems and you can finally die happy.
I love the fact that they are so reliable during wear-time. This is not an eyeliner that will lead to you accidentally wiping off your wings during the day. I’m considering grabbing a few more colors in my next Ulta order!
NYX Studio Liquid Liners retail for $4.50 for 0.19 fluid oz ($23.68 per fluid oz). For comparison, Sleek Dip It Eyeliners retail for $5.99 for 0.19 fluid oz ($31.53 per fluid oz).


1. Whoo I LOVE your eye makeup in the Extreme Blue pic!

2. Thank you!

3. Unfortunately these burn my eyes! Or at least the glittery ones did. One of three products I’ve tried ever that I was apparently allergic/sensitive to.

4. That’s a bummer! I didn’t try any glittery ones…

5. I believe they’re the “crystal” liners? Anyway, you should try some, if only so I can call you Sparkles. (SorrynotsorryI’vebeenbingewatchingHIMYM)

6.  I can see why that would be appealing, haha.

7. These are gorgeous! I may have to pick some of these up on my next trip to the drugstore. 🙂 Did they come in many other colours?

8. 12 Colors!

9. Thanks! I am going to have to pick some up. I don’t like those brushes either, maybe I will try to buy one that will fit in the tube or? something.

10. I was thinking of trimming them…

11. Your makeup looks are BEAUTIFUL! These liners look great! I’ll be sure to check them out. 🙂

12. Thank you!

13. These are aweeeeeeesome, oh man. Your three looks with the liner and shadow are freaking gorgeous.

14. Thanks!

15. Hey I hope you see this! I am heading to ulta after work today. I was specifically seeking out these eyeliners after seeing your review and gif that they don’t smudge! however when I looked at a few other reviews I got such mixed reactions. Some people say if you get them wet they DO smudge, even though you said you took a shower with it on and didn’t see any problems. I guess I am now trying to decide between these or the nyx aqua luxe liner because I really need an eyeliner that won’t budge on halloween even if I sweat. Have you ever tried the aqua luxe ones? Do you think the studio ones would be enough to last me on halloween? Thanks so much in advance!!