Review: NYX Taupe Blush

A perfect product is a rare thing. The NYX Powder Blush in Taupe is not quite perfect, but it’s damn close. Contouring can be a tricky prospect for people with lighter skin. Most people contour with matte bronzers, which can end up looking dirty and orange. NYX Taupe is a wonderful alternative. Because the color is nice and cool, it comes across as a natural shadow, rather than a weird Oompa Loompa smear.

Yours will look less used, promise. Well, at first.

NYX Taupe has had a super weird relationship to the internet. People love it, but they are also bizarrely convinced that it has been discontinued. NYX has had a hell of a time squashing these rumors. They have said, though, “We don’t have any plans to discontinue our Powder Blush in Taupe”.

Swatch of NYX Taupe blush

This blush is awesome in terms of pigmentation, since it can easily be applied so that it’s nice and sheer or built up into something dramatic. I do recommend diligently cleaning this blush in addition to your brushes, as I have found that oil builds up on this product pretty easily. Other than than that, my only complaint is the general bulkiness of NYX blush packaging… an easily forgivable flaw, certainly.

I have absolutely no visible cheekbones when I do not contour, and I think that the effect of this product is quite flattering. I have yet to find a higher end product that is as attractive and easy to use as the NYX Taupe Blush.

NYX Taupe Blush on Human Face

NYX Taupe Blush retails for $5 for 0.14 oz, putting it at $35.71 per ounce. Other products in this vein, such as MAC’s Blush in Harmony, are pricier. Harmony, for example, retails for $21 for 0.21 oz, making it $100 per ounce.


1. Your makeup looks awesome in that picture. What mascara are you using?

2. Oh gosh. That was like a month ago. Probably Clinique High Impact?

3. What about contouring with a darker shade of powder or foundation? (I’m also fair, virtually transparent, and I find contouring a challenge.)

4. I find that contouring with foundation ends up looking too warm.

If I were you, I might give Taupe a try, since it’s can be sheered out to be much lighter.

5. I’m dying to try this NYX blush, but unfortunately living in Canada, I find the selection is really varied in stores… might have to order it online, I would love to be able to contour without looking like there is dirt on my face.

6. Oh, I empathize. I live in the US, but in the middle of nowhere. Online is usually okay, though!

7. Rexall has NYX 😀