Review: NYX The Natural Shadow Palette

I haven’t given NYX as much review-love as they deserve. I don’t wear a ton of drugstore makeup, but NYX is truly top-of-the-line when it comes to lower-end lip products.

Despite the quality I have come to expect from NYX, I am actually reviewing this product because it is so bad that I want to save any of you who might waste $7 plus tax on this abomination.
The idea behind the Natural Palette is solid. Neutral palettes are incredibly helpful for anyone who ever needs to hold a grown-up job or who likes their eyes to occasionally be a color that’s not neon. The Natural Palette comes with six shades: a demi-matte cream color, a glittery light gold, a light-colored burnt orange with a satin finish, a cool-toned satin taupe, a satin gray-brown, and a satin dark brown.

They also stuck in a relatively worthless applicator, an action that consistently confuses me when performed by any decent-quality makeup company.

The problem with this palette, though, is simple: the pigmentation. The pigmentation is so bad that it borders on ridiculous. The NYX website asserts this palette “lets you go as soft or dramatic as you like.” That is a blatant lie, as I can’t imagine a single person trying this palette and thinking it has the potential for drama.

To give a sense of how bad it really is: You know how when you get a new palette and you are too impatient to find your brushes, you might just stick your fingertips in the palette to get a sense of it? When writing this post, I did that to the peachy orange color (getting my brushes would require me to stand up!). Literally no color came off on my finger.

The only potential redeeming factor for this palette is that it may be appropriate for someone who takes “no makeup makeup” REALLY, REALLY seriously.

This is the most color I could POSSIBLY get on my eyes.
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At $7 for 0.21oz ($33.33 per ounce), this palette is certainly inexpensive. However, even if you’re on a very strict budget, there are way better drugstore eyeshadow palettes out there. The fact that it’s cheap doesn’t compensate for its complete and utter failure. You can buy Crayola sidewalk chalk for forty-eight cents an ounce, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to use it as eyeshadow. If you’re itching to pick up some NYX, grab a lipstick instead.

1. Woah that’s really disappointing, I’ve been tempted by some of the NYX shadows before and they’re expensive enough here too. That’s woeful payoff for a palette. There’s a great budget one by a UK brand called MUA – It’s called Undress Me Too & it’s a dupe of UD Naked 2, the payoff is brilliant and it’s the equivalent of about $6.

2. Yeah, these were the first NYX shadows I tried and it didn’t make their other ones very tempting!

3. their eyeshadows are so hit or miss, its annoying!

4. Thats crazy, I love that palette!! I use the darkest brown for my brows when I dont feel like futzing with a pomade.