Review: Pixi by Petra Soft Focus Fresh Palette

The Pixi Soft Focus Fresh Palette is an enormous palette featuring twelve eyeshadows, six blushes/cheek powders, and four lip glosses. As its name suggests, this palette is ideal for creating soft, neutral makeup. Because there are so many subtle colors, you may want to take this opportunity to prepare yourself for an influx of near-identical photos of my face.

The palette has an enormous mirror on the inside. Unlike virtually every beauty blogger on the planet, I usually don’t care whether or not my palettes have mirrors. I don’t like applying makeup when I can really only see a two inch square of my forehead. This Pixi palette, though, has a massive mirror that it perfect for staring at yourself, reciting sinister Disney rhymes (who is the fairest of them all?), and applying your war paint. That makes this mirror legitimately practical, which is sort of refreshing.

The palette is organized… strangely… The bottom row contains the glosses, the middle columns for the top three rows contain blushes, and the outer columns for the top three rows contains eyeshadow duos. The weird organization, however, isn’t particularly important as it doesn’t in any way detract from the usability of the product.


Although the eyeshadow is organized in duos, I actually don’t recommend applying them in that way, lest you end up with two highlight shades on your lid and nothing else.
The shadows are really pigmented, buttery, and blendable. There’s not a single dud among them, which is a real feat given how many shades they have offered.

Cheek Powders

These cheek powders are a mixture of highlight shades and blushes.

Finally, the bottom right is a dusty rose. This is the only thing in the entire palette that is matte at all, and even it has the faintest hint of shimmer if you look closely enough.

Lip gloss

The four lip glosses are very, very sheer. None of them are sticky at all. I get a solid two hours of wear out of each them, which seems pretty typical for lip glosses to me.

Although it looks pink in the pan, the first lip gloss is completely sheer. There is no color at all on my lips.

The next one is also almost completely sheer, although it might be a tiny bit pinker.

Finally, the last one has a nice, natural red tint. It is still very soft and natural, though.

This palette contains twelve eyeshadows at 0.028oz (for a total of 0.336oz), six blushes at 0.094oz (for a total of 0.564oz), and four lipglosses at 0.058oz (for a total of 0.232oz). That, by the way, adds up to a total of 1.132oz. For a palette, this is truly enormous.

We can sort of calculate the value of the palette based on the full-sized products on the Pixi website. There are no identical products, but this can still give a sense of value. Based on the Fairy Light Solo shadows, the eyeshadow alone is worth $63. Based on the Bronze Bloom blushes, the blushes are worth $36.84. Based on the Succulent Lip Twin, the lip glosses are worth $8.52. That creates a total estimated palette value of $108.36. This palette retails for $34! That’s over a three-fold difference.

I think this palette demonstrates phenomenal quality in a pretty large product. This would be a good addition for anyone who enjoys neutral looks on a regular basis.