Review: Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow N5 Banana Split

A person whose eyeshadow collection is comprised in large part of eyeshadow singles is a person with too much money. I mean, it’s awesome that you can be so wealthy that you spend truly ludicrous amounts of cash on products that you could easily buy for way less, but I kind of feel like you should buy a palette anyways and spend all your extra money on chocolate. (Or, I guess, charity or something.)

Usually, the only time I buy eyeshadow singles is when they are marked down so significantly that I’m no longer filled with embarrassment walking my tiny purchase up to the register (or, since it’s me, clicking the online shopping cart; THE WAREHOUSE PEOPLE WILL JUDGE MY CHOICES).

This purchase is the result of turning the “Well, this is priced horribly,” section of my brain off. I traveled to a real life city, walked into a brick-and-mortar (drywall and stud?) Sephora store, and was mesmerized by the yellow. It’s so yellow. It’s more yellow than my childhood bedroom when I let my little sister pick what color to paint the walls.

The Sephora Banana Split single is sunshine color with a shimmery finish that borders on frosted. It’s extremely pigmented, so it’s easy to get a nice, opaque swatch.

I really like this color, and it was worth the purchase for me because I don’t have any comparable shades in my collection.

Sephora Banana Split on Human Face

The Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow Singles retail for $13 for 0.07oz ($185.71 per ounce). This isn’t inherently absurd when it comes to eyeshadow singles, of course (for example, an Urban Decay Eyeshadow Single costs $18 for 0.05oz, or $360 per ounce), but that’s only because eyeshadow singles are horrifically priced already. Palettes cost way, way, way less than either of these options. The Urban Decay Vice 2 palette, for instance, costs $59 for 0.6oz, a comparatively cheap $98.33 per ounce. Given this pricing scheme, I would only recommend this product to someone who is absolutely lusting after this particular yellow shade.


1. Wow, that’s a pretty dense yellow. Think it’s pigmented enough to line with?

2. Yellow liners always, without fail, look messy on me. I think it could work, but darker skin might be necessary to get a really crisp and pretty line…

3. What lipstick is this? I am looking for something for the I’m really a vampire a look.

4.  I colored in my lips with MAC’s Nightmoth and went over it in Urban Decay’s Shame.

5. Gorgeous! I’m a sucker for yellow eyeshadows. I have no idea why but I would buy them all if I could afford it.