Review: Shiro Curaga Mineral Highlight

When I first purchased the Shiro Curaga Mineral Highlighter, I hated it. Unlike my usual golden highlighters, this is a pale pink color with an intense sheen like you wouldn’t believe. The powder form makes it easy to pick up way too much product and the borderline-theatrical color can look artificial and over-the-top.

Shiro Curaga Mineral Highlight

As the weeks have gone by, though, I have found myself reaching for this product more and more frequently. It’s a product that’s tricky to get just right; it’s easy to over-do it. This is indisputably the most dramatic highlighter in my collection. (Indeed, when writing this post I kept having to edit out the word “dramatic”, lest it appear eight times per paragraph.

I doubt that this will work well for darker skin tones (unless you want big white streaks all over your face), but for those of us on the pale side of things, this creates a sort of interesting, peachy effect.

Shiro Curaga Mineral Highlight Swatch

This definitely shines (no pun intended) when paired with some sick contouring. It might not give someone with no dimensions on their face (such as myself) the kind of chiseled-from-stone cheekbones that would turn early-1970s Arnold Schwarzenegger green with envy, but it will sure as hell look like something is there.

This highlighter retails for $8 for 7g/0.25oz, making it $32 per ounce. This is quite reasonable. For comparison, theBalm’s Mary Lou Manizer is $24 for 0.3oz, or $80 per ounce.

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