Review: Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Nocturne (RD607)

It’s difficult not to love lip lacquer. With the longevity and opacity of a lipstick and a sexy glossy finish, Shiseido’s lacquer rouge in Nocturne perfectly encapsulates what lip lacquers are about. I received this as a deluxe sample, but I’ll almost definitely be picking up the full sized version. How could I not? I couldn’t like this product any better if it was filled with diamond dust and granted wishes.
This deep, berry red is richly pigmented, meaning that a little bit of product goes a long way. It’s dramatic, but not something where you’d be embarrassed about wearing it if you ran into your boss after hours.

The formula feels like a thick, non-sticky lipgloss. Like most lip lacquers, this product never fully “dries”. Rather, it leaves your lips with a soft, satin finish. I haven’t had any problems with the product bleeding, but a messy application will end up looking like you ripped open a sheep carcass to eat its still-beating heart. Luckily, the precise doe-foot applicator minimizes the risk of this outcome.

Although there was some very slight fading, this lip product definitely passed the “four hours and a meal” test. Happily, it did not dry my lips out at all.
Shiseido Lacquer Rouge retails for $25 for 0.2oz ($125 per ounce). For comparison, the YSL Glossy Stains ring in at $34 for 0.2oz ($170 per ounce). Given that I’m digging the color, the finish, the longevity of this Shiseido lacquer… this is one lip product that’s worth the price tag.

1. oh my GOD I want this. This has been my favorite lip color since The X-Files season 3. (come on, we’re among nerds here, let me have my moment…) And now I live in the UK and they have NO RED-BROWNS past this weird baby’s-ass nude color. If you want to go deep, you have to go fuschia-red. I’m totally ordering this one and up yours UK drugstores!

2. Hell yeah! I’d been looking for a deep berry red like this since I’d been regretting not picking up Heaux from the RiRi Loves MAC collection… and then I picked this up and realized I already had one in my stash!

3. This looks classy as hell. Did you use any kind of lip liner underneath?

4. I did not, but it’s never a bad idea to do so.