Review: Sigma Beauty Crème de Couture Macaron-Inspired Blushes

Natural blushes are all well and good. Not everyone wants to look like they got slapped in the face by Willy Wonka. This is a fair and understandable desire…

…but I think that things like this are more fun.

Sigma’s new collection for fall admittedly doesn’t look much like fall. It actually doesn’t really look like anything I’ve seen before. To me, that’s appealing. The Crème de Couture collection is essentially an explosion of matte pastels. As a part of the collection, they released these three blushes, inspired by French macarons. (If you’ve never had a salted caramel macaron, I’ll wait here while you find yourself a bakery.)Strawberry Ambrosia is a cool, cotton candy-pink.

Blackberry Essence is a lovely, soft lilac. If you are looking to try a purple blush, this would be a wonderful starting point.

Cherry Apple is sort of a ruddy, dark apricot color. It’s the most traditionally autumnal of the bunch. If they’d packaged it in boxes the color of carotenes or xanthophyll, it would be a classic September hue.
All three shades are completely matte.

In my opinion, the pigmentation on the Blackberry Essence and Cherry Apple blushes is just about perfect. Blushes that are overly pigmented can be really difficult to apply because you end up with splotches of color on your cheeks that are more appropriate for bad Raggedy Ann cosplay than for a sincere, adult look. The color can definitely be built up for women with darker complexions, while not being an instant nightmare for those of us on the fair-er side of things. Strawberry Ambrosia is a little more weakly pigmented, meaning that it won’t work as well on as many people. I actually really like it on my skin, but if you are tan or darker, I doubt that this will show up on your face.

Here’s how they look on an actual person:

The blushes are on the small side at 0.12oz, but they’re also really inexpensive. At $12 a pop, they won’t be a financial burden for most of us. Easy math: they cost $100 per ounce. This is the same as what a Benefit boxed blush costs ($28 for 0.28 oz) and I really prefer the smaller size of the Sigma blushes, since it means you can try more colors.
Both the blushes and their companion eyeshadow palette are technically not supposed to be released until September 9th, but… I didn’t exactly need any special credentials to buy these suckers early. If you google search “Sigma Crème de Couture”, the order page will come up.

Note: I think these blushes are really solid, but the eyeshadow palette is brilliant. I’ll be reviewing that in the next few days.


1. I’m really tempted to get Strawberry Ambrosia and Cherry Apple, but I’ve not even made a dent in my Down Boy and Frat Boy blushes! These look so great. 🙂 I’ll be checking out that eyeshadow palette you mentioned!

2. Some of your photos aren’t showing up on my computer. The only ones I can see are Cherry Apple in the box and Strawberry and Blackberry on your face. 🙁

3. Are they still not working? They all look fine to me…

4. I have no idea how I found your blog a few months ago, but finally just created a damn livejournal account to tell you how much I love it. Because you’re snarky and smart, and it makes me want to be your friend. And I *hate* people.

Also, with all the shoppin’ you do, you should join and swap some of your crap (I mean that nicely) away.

5. I keep meaning to start trading and I just never get around to it!

Someone linked me this article and I don’t know what to think. :/
Care to comment?

7. Oh gosh. I can, but for now: seriously, don’t worry.

8. Yes! I’m glad to hear about your review. I really don’t like pigmented blushes. Being plane and trying to do a light hand with them makes them difficult. I ended up trading my instain blushes because I was having that problem with them. Now I can just get these! LD

9. The instain ones are too much for me, too. I know people love them, but I just don’t have the complexion to deal with something so dark!

10. Cherry Apple looks amazing on you! I may have to pick that one up for myself. I love that these blushes are only $12!

11. It’s nice to have more manageable sizes!

12. What are your lipsticks? Thanks.