Review: Sleek Blush by 3 Palette in Pumpkin

For me, blush palettes are absolutely wiggle-inducing. An array of colors with depth and options always offers more excitement than a single streak of pink shimmer.

The Sleek Blush by 3 Palettes are packaged in a basic black compact with a fatty mirror inside. It feels sturdy and the lid isn’t floppy, meaning that you can open it to any angle you like and the compact will stay.
As a side note, I literally do not have the foggiest idea how to own makeup in black packaging without drowning it in smudges. (Is such a thing possible?)

Pumpkin is one of the more radical color combinations that Sleek offers, containing three dark, pigmented shades:

Lantern is a warm red with a finish that falls somewhere in between a satin and a shimmer. At times, it looks like a dark pink. Other times, it has a more orangey hue.
Squash is a vivid, matte pink.
P Pie is a vibrant, matte orange that is reminiscent of traffic cones. I wish I could put into words how deeply my soul wishes that they had called the shade “pie” instead of “P Pie”– we understand, Sleek! We don’t need the clarifying ‘P’! The palette is called “Pumpkin”! We get it! We understand how themes work!All three shades are pigmented to the point of ludicrousness. I know that there are many people who always view pigmentation as a positive. I am not one of those people. There is a reason we don’t formulate opaque blushes and it’s not because formulating opaque blushes is more difficult than formulating opaque eyeshadow– it’s because no one wants to look like a clown college dropout.

If you apply with a light-as-fuck hand, these will still work admirably on fair skin, although they’re trickier than other, user-friendly blushes. On dark skin, these will be gorgeous right out of the pan.

Sleek Pumpkin Swatches

Here’s how these blushes look on my face:

If you can keep it toned down enough, ‘lantern’ is a great blush for a natural-looking flush.

Lantern on Human Face

Squash is probably the least special of the three blushes. It looks perfectly lovely.

Squash on Human Face

P Pie is my favorite of the lot. The vibrant orange comes across, but it still looks wearable.

P Pie on Human Face

The Sleek Blush By 3 Palettes retail for $12.49 for 0.68oz, or $18.37 per ounce. For comparison, the Wet’n’Wild Color Icon blushes, at $2.99 for 0.14oz, come in at a more expensive $21.36 per ounce. You would have to have absurd dedication to actually use up this blush palette because it is so damn gigantic. Based on my “How Many Application Are In a Pan of Blush” post from July, which found that I used a mean of 0.014g of blush per use, there is something like 1429 uses in this palette. At one blush application per day, this would take almost four years to finish off. In other words, you’ll drop it and shatter it, leave it at the airport, or, even more likely, get bored with it long before you use the last hint of blush powder.


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I own this blush palette as well, and I love it! I didn’t expect Pie to be so flattering and I really like using Lantern for a healthy flush, even though it looks a bit scary in the pan.

2. Hanny commenting on Brightest Bulb?! I feel like some sort of weird fanfic fantasy just came true…..

3. I don’t think it counts as a fanfic fantasy unless we see each other in real life.

…And that would still really boring fanfiction…

4. I never knew I needed an orange blush in my life, but I definitely do. Also, your earrings in the first picture – what are they?

5. Betsey Johnson Skeleton Ballerinas.

6. I need that matte orange in my life. I can’t get Sleek makeup here, but my friend is going to the UK soon and I am going to send her with lots of makeup money. This is going on the list. I am actually a big fan of pigmented blushes. I am kind of pale but have an orangey undertone so I still find a lot of blushes don’t show up enough on me still.

7. These will definitely show up. Pinky promise.

8. I love Sleek so damn much! They have two new blush by 3 palettes coming out later next month and I am dying to get my grubby hands on them. Have you ever tried any of their eyeshadows? They’re pretty great quality given how relatively inexpensive they are. The Storm and Sunset palette are particularly lovely!

9. I have two Sleek palettes! One reviewer here, one not-yet.

10. I often find myself wondering, “Who the fuck wrote this copy?” And I feel sort of outraged because I could do a much better job lksajfd;lksajf;ldksaj. (Or at least I think I could.) Anyway, that’s my reaction to P Pie. Like. . . really? Really? Although it does remind me of Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which is a positive from my point of view. . .

11. I think they just have low expectations for us. 🙁

12. Wow! My favorite is lantern–so gorgeous on you! They are all three great, though. My greatest regret from my trip to England is not buying enough Sleek makeup.

13. If you’re in the US– They ship!

14. These are gorgeous! I would immediately fail horribly at applying them though, to hats off to you! I agree that P Pie is pretty cringe-inducing – makes you wonder how that conversation went down at the marketing table…

15. I have to swipe the brush on my wrist a few times to get the pigment down…

16. Sleek blushes are amazing. There are so few brands that cater to darker skin tones on the UK high street and the Sleek blushes are just so good to have in my makeup kit – they have really great limited edition colors as well. Suede by Sleek is my all time favorite blush – I’ve had it for well over a year and use it at least three times a week and haven’t hit pan yet – these babies will last you forever!

16. They are HUGE!

17. “We understand how themes work!” – that cracked me up.

18. When you reviewed the Kat Von D mini lipsticks, I went and bought it and you were right about everything. Since I use this mango colored blush sometimes now (and I’m not really sure it does anything to my face), I am once again taking your word for this and have just ordered it =3 Thanks for your awesome reviews!