Review: Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Metallic Dusty Rose, Metallic Emerald, and Comex Gold

Ideally, when you press the “checkout” button on the Sephora website, you want it to be a celebration. “I WILL HAVE THE MOST SPECTACULAR EYELINER IN ALL OF THE LAND!” you might hypothetically exclaim. “MY LASHES WILL BE AS LONG AND LUSH AS A UNICORN’S MANE! MY LIPS WILL BE AS SUPPLE AS A GIGANTIC BOWL OF TIRAMISU!”

That was not what it was like to purchase the Stila Magnificent Metals eyeshadows. “Am I… am I really about to spend 96 dollars plus tax on three eyeshadow singles? Is that a real decision that I am really making in real life?”

Well, I did it. Crap. (20% back from the VIB sale + 8% back from ebates did slightly lessen the blow.)

Each of the eyeshadows comes with a teeeeensy tiny vial of liquid primer and a mixing tray. The primer is labeled as 0.06 fluid ounces, but none of the primers in my shadows were anywhere close to full. 0.06 fluid ounces looks to be a proper volume measurement, but if you leave them 90% empty, that is a ridiculous and dishonest number to write on the packaging.
The texture of the shadows is really unexpected. It almost feels like a mousse, but it has these flakes in it that create a really unique texture. The multi-dimensional effect is completely different from any other eyeshadow that I own. Shimmer shadows don’t do this. Sparkly shadows don’t do this. Applying loose shadows wet (one alternative that I see popping up on the internet machine) looks totally different. It’s a super unique product. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only eyeshadow product that creates this appearance.
Review: Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Metallic Dusty Rose, Metallic Emerald, and Comex Gold

The colors are super, super pigmented. The swatches below are what happens when I dip a finger in the pan and just pull across my arm. Seriously, holy shit.
There are definitely people who are having serious trouble applying these products, and I think that’s the source of many of the negative reviews that are floating about. The biggest potential problem is that the liquid primer is in a little dropper, which makes you feel like you should use a drop of primer. Do not use a drop of primer. That is way, way too much. I try to blow a little bubble with my dropper, and the bubble’s worth of liquid is a decent amount. Tapping the tube against the mixing tin might get you enough, as well.

I then use tweezers to extract a little bit of eyeshadow, and I mix the primer and eyeshadow together. I apply this to my lid. Finally, I stick my finger right in the pan and dab on additional eyeshadow to build up the color.

Using this method, my eyeshadow has stayed all day and remained completely creaseless.

If you are having trouble with the primer, I would recommend skipping it entirely. Use your regular eyeshadow primer and just use your finger to apply. This will give a much better result than fussing around with eyeshadow that has been turned into a liquid via primer overuse.
There’s definitely a bit of learning curve on these puppies. The first time I used them, I covered my entire face with sparkle. After I figured out how to work with them, though, I didn’t experience significant levels of fallout. I also found that it was easy to blend additional colors into them to create a full eye look. It’s also worth noting that the Emerald color has a very slight tendency to stain.

I adore the ultimate look, so the mild trickiness didn’t bother me too much. I get ridiculous numbers of compliments every time I wear these. I wouldn’t recommend them to eyeshadow beginners (GOD, NO) but if you are already skilled with eyeshadow application, I think you’ll find that these are relatively easy to adjust to.

Here are a few of the looks I have created using these eyeshadows:

These retail for $32 for 0.07 oz of eyeshadow ($457.14 per ounce), plus the alleged 0.06 fluid oz liquid eye primer. To give you a sense of how overpriced these are: Urban Decay eyeshadow singles are $18 for 0.05 oz ($360 per ounce). NARS eyeshadow singles are $24 for 0.07 oz ($342.86 per ounce). Dior 1-Colour Eyeshadow Extremes are $29 for 0.07 oz ($414.29 per ounce). The only eyeshadow I could find that was more expensive, ounce per ounce, was Giorgio Armani Maestro Mono Eyeshadow at $30 for 0.04 oz ($750 per ounce).

Are they worth that price? Honestly, probably not. Am I super happy that I bought them? YES! I LOVE THEM! If you are 1. a makeup-lover, 2. who is pretty good with eyeshadow, 3. who has been lusting after these, and 4. has a bit of disposable income available, I would totally recommend buying at least one. If you are not ALL FOUR OF THOSE THINGS, then you should probably go on your merry way.

1. How did you resist the urge to smoosh your finger all the way into them? Those are so gorgeous and the looks you did with them are absolutely lovely.

2. They’re only a little bit smooshy!

3. You are one of the first people I have seen that actually made them work properly. I really wanted to try one of these but all the negative reviews made me not. These are great tips for using them! I might actually get one now.

4. They’re a little tricky to figure out; I suspect that a few people may have rushed to review them without fully figuring out the best way to apply them…

5. Holy shit, these are amazing. You look gorgeous in the look you did with Comex Gold.

6. Thank you!

7. Wow, they looks AMAZING on you. I have been lusting after 1 of them myself. I might have to take the plunge!

Shani x

8. If you do, tell me what you think!

9. That green is spectacular. Have you ever tried the e.l.f. Long Lasting Lustrous eyeshadows? These sound similar to those. I don’t think the e.l.f. has as vibrant a color as the green, but the texture, etc. sounds close, and they are also extremely shimmery. Could be an option if you want a bigger collection.

10. I haven’t, but even looking at swatches I can tell they are quite different…

11. GAH! I’ve wanted these for so long and rekindled my desire last night. Love that you have the emerald since that’s the one I want most.
I think it’s happening.

12. Tell me what you think!

13. Wow, if ever there was something that needed a video tutorial, it was this. PLEEEEEASE make a video tutorial for how to use these eyeshadows, because:

14. You look freaking amazing, and more specifically;

15. that third look, the Comex Gold look, WOW. Do you know what lipstick you’re wearing in that picture? And blush? Do you know *every single product* you’re wearing on your face in that picture?

Greedily yours,


16. I can maybe do a video tutorial this weekend, if there is interest.

Product List for the Gold look (more or less):
Hourglass Immaculate
Illamasqua Hollow
TheBalm TimeBomb Concealer
My Pretty Zombie MDMA Blush
MUFE Flash Palette in White (for highlight)
NARS Train Bleu
Tarte Brow Mousse in Taupe
Stila MagMetals in Comex Gold
LORAC Pro Palette
Wet’n’Wild Liquid Liner
Marc Jacob Blaquer
Guerlain Maxi Lash


er I mean

thank you. thank you very much.

18. +1 on interest for that! (For the tutorial. The list is also cool.)

19. +2 on interest for the tutorial with these!

20. I bought 3 of these when they first came out. I wear them all the time like I’m the princess of bling. I love them. My only gripe was that ridiculous mini half-full bottle of goo. I got a kitten, laurel, and vintage black.

21. Rock that bling!

22. These are amazing and I have been wanting them since I first poked them at Sephora. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have it in my budget to splurge on an eyeshadow single that is 36% the price of gold ($1275 per oz).

Okay… maybe just one.

23. They are definitely overpriced, that much is certain!

24. These are so gorgeous on you! I’d only read bad reviews, and couldn’t really check them out in-store because the testers were all goopy. Good to know that they don’t fail after all!

25. I totally love them!

26. I don’t need them..I don’t need them..I don’t need them. *goes off to Beautybay and buys them all*

I both hate and love you for doing this to me.

27. Your eyelids will be so shiny! WORTH IT!

28. I agree on making a video on how to use these, because now I want them so so badly!

29. I can do that…

30. Look amazing for holiday time, but then it’s like those Christmas reindeer sweaters that I can only wear one month out of the whole year…

Also, I don’t know if you are averse to credit cards, but Discover’s current promo is 5% cashback on online orders and 10% back on sephora orders or 15% back on Ulta, which I think you can stack. I think, double check me on that.

So now I am going through your Sephora kits post and trying to pick the best value ones and justifying it with cashback whooo πŸ™‚

31. Don’t tell me that, haha. Oh no.

32. I get that feeling all the time here in Australia; mid-range products have horrendous prices. These eye shadows are $49 here πŸ™

On a happier note, they look awesome on you. I love that photo of the Comex gold paired with dark lipstick; it just works so well.

*Eyeshadows, duh. Damn, autocorrect.

33. Thank you!

34. What are you wearing on your lips in the third gold glitter eye-makeup pic? I’m DYING to know!!!!

35. If she says Train Bleu I’m sold on this hype.

36. I stalked her whole blog to see all her lipstick reviews to find this and the NARS was the closest thing!

37. It is Train Bleu!

also, could you do a beauty or bullshit post on Lysophosphatidic Acid? Something about Tarte Smoother Operator powder having it and it is a carcinogen or labeled as such in California.

39. I’ll look into it…

40. I don’t know what exactly is wrong with us in California, but I was just at the hardware store yesterday and they had a sign (by their circular saw) stating that CA says sawdust is a carcinogen.

My best guess, not having googled anything, is that if you breathe it in a lot all the time over time because you’re the one who always operates the circular saw, then maybe the constant presence of sawdust in your lungs can lead to a lack of resistance against cancerous cell mutations?

Damnit, now I’m going to have to google it… but anyway, I’ve also heard that the law we passed requiring notices like that is very poorly worded and leads to a lot of inaccurate notices. Or at least inaccurate implications: the implication of that sign is that you shouldn’t even stand near the sawdust or touch it, or you risk getting cancer!

41. Well, I might be wrong. It’s widely recognized as a carcinogen, but the studies I saw only said that it is a potential hazard and they don’t have data on the exposure conditions that would pose cancer risks to individuals.

As for Lysophosphatidic Acid (I got curious!) it “stimulates cell proliferation, migration and survival by acting on its cognate G-protein-coupled receptors. Aberrant LPA production, receptor expression and signaling probably contribute to cancer initiation, progression and metastasis.” Which AFAIK is not at all the same as causing it… I mean, if your body naturally produced vitamin E and a messed-up vitamin E production in your body could contribute to cancer, that wouldn’t mean that rubbing vitamin E oil on your skin could necessarily cause cancer.

That’s what says anyway. Wikipedia says that the reason “aberrant LPA-signaling has been linked to cancer in numerous ways” is because it helps stimulate cell growth. And if the cells are cancerous, that’s going to be fucked up, for example.

But I’m not a biologist. If I were, I’d understand the additional information here!:

So I don’t know if that’s helpful information or not.

42. These look gorgeous and the looks you did with them are double gorgeous! I’m so glad you addressed application — I feel like in general, I see a lot of negative reviews of glittery eyeshadow from people who just didn’t apply them properly, and I’d been wondering if that was the case with these as well.

Would you say these are also dissimilar to other chunky glitter shadows if you have any? I’m thinking of Urban Decay Stardust/Moondust, Makeupgeek Utopia, the super glittery shades in some Sonia Kashuk palettes, that kind of thing. My impression of the Stila is that they’re the same kind of thing, only taken to the next level, but my Sephora didn’t seem to have them for me to test the last time I was there so I can’t say for sure.

43. They are super different, yes!

44. I love all your posts!
You have totally sold me on glitter. These look stunning!

I would love to see a post on your organization and vanity!

45. I’ll have to clean it first!

46. Can you list what shadows you’re wearing with the Stila ones? I’d love to figure out how to recreate this look :).

47. I used LORAC’s black eyeshadow in the crease for all three. Under my eyes on the rose was Pewter from the Pro Palette, under my eyes on the green were the two green shades from the Sleek Bright Mattes Palette, and under my eyes on the gold was Garnet from the Pro Palette.

48. Thanks!

49. All three of those colors looks absolutely AMAZING on you! Truly stunning!
– Michelle

50. Thank you!

51. OK I had never heard of these and even after seeing your first pictures and swatches I wasn’t overly impressed…..but then I saw that dusty rose on your eyes and WOW I want to buy it RIGHT NOW. see what you do to me? Why couldn’t you have posted this BEFORE the Sephora f&f sale hahaha

52. Because that’s where I bought them! πŸ˜‰

53. oh, doy! haha. Still, my wallet is sad because this is a must buy for me. I gushed about these to my friends and brought up this post as reference and it was funny they all liked a different color! I vote they start selling these in sets/ palettes….

54. We have the same name and spell it the same! πŸ™‚
I just bought the metallic dusty rose shadow for prom, it’s beautiful.
thanks for the tips.

55. I’m surprised no one mentioned them but when I saw that these came out I thought of the mehron metallic powders and mixing the liquid. Would recommend looking into those

56. I love these so much! But, as you said, they are tricky to apply. What kind of brush did you use? A flat one?

57. Thanks so much for your review. I want to buy Stila Magnificent Metals Eye Shadow and I can’t decide between dusty rose and kitten. Now, I will go with dusty rose… I think πŸ˜‰