Review: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Turquoise

The first eyeliner pen I encountered was the Covergirl LineExact Liquid Liner. I thought it was a brilliant idea, and quickly bought it in three different colors. Although it made my eyeliner remarkably easy to apply, the tube dried out literally three days after I opened it. The same exact thing happened to the other two colors, leaving me with both the crushing feeling of disappointment and the knowledge that I had totally wasted my money. Ever since then, I have been a little suspicious of eyeliner pens.

I bought this product because I apparently do not know how to read. I was
expecting a traditional liquid liner. My short attention span and
refusal to peruse product descriptions, however, has finally paid off, as
this eyeliner pen is rather nice.

Although it’s advertised as a turquoise, it’s really more of a mint color. It’s notably opaque given my selected hue. I can easily imagine a mint eyeliner ending up watery and inconsistent. This is definitely not a problem here.

Given its high performance in this tricky shade, I would definitely trust Stila to produce quality liners in more conventional colors. Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner comes in both traditional eyeliner colors, such as black or brown, and other wonky, fun colors, like periwinkle.


Application does take little bit of finagling. The first time I applied this, I tried to apply it after a black liquid liner, and it was a disaster. The pen got all black and grotty. I ended up having to wash my eye makeup off and start over. The second time, I wore the turquoise under the black liner, which gave me far fewer problems.

It’s certainly not a bold look, but it’s a fun detail for summer.

Given how small this liner is, it is definitely on the pricey side. This retails for $20 for 0.016oz of product. That makes it ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS PER OUNCE. Even in the already-absurdly priced realm of liquid liners, that is over the top. For comparison, schwing by theBalm is $340 per ounce and Urban Decay’s 24/7 liners are $327.58 per ounce. Even way fancier brands cost less than this. The Giorgio Armani Liquid Eyeliner is $550 per ounce. The Dior liquid eyeliner is $850 per ounce. The YSL Liquid Eyeliner Moiré seems positively frugal in comparison at $340 per ounce. I literally cannot find another brand trying to sell their product for anything like $1,250 per ounce. If this product, ounce per ounce, was priced like an Urban Decay liner, it would retail for a mere $5.24. If it was priced like NYX the Curve ($48.39 per ounce), it would cost $0.77.

Because the price per ounce is so high, I absolutely would not buy this product in colors like black or brown. Even if it positively rocks, it doesn’t rock that much. That’s an unjustifiable price. But for colors like mint and periwinkle? There’s no real competition… None of those other brands I listed has a mint color. What’s more, this product does a pretty good job. If I ever felt the need to own a periwinkle eyeliner, I would consider buying it in that color as well.

That being said, if another brand offered these funky shades for a more reasonable price, I probably wouldn’t look back.

1. Far out the price per ounce is ridiculous. Pretty colour though. I just found your blog through the MUA subreddit 🙂

2.  A variant of this was the first pen liner I tried. I recently tried this particular brand (on the back of my hand) and it lasted overnight. But because I’m cheap, I grabbed a Revlon version instead. It is nearly identical.

3. I have been giving pen liners another chance. NYX the Curve has been perfectly impressive, although I haven’t written a review yet.

4.  I bought an NYC eyeliner pen in black and it’s been great! I haven’t had to branch out and find better quality ones. Love the color here, though.

5. I would have never thought of calculating the Oz value!! Holy God that is a lot of money!! I wasn’t really happy with this liner tbh I didn’t find it all that long lasting… I am writing a post at the moment would you mind if I used the Oz. info and ill link your blog!! I find that really interesting!! I just followed really like your blog xxx

6. I absolutely adore this liner and never will use anything else! I’ve given many other brands a try and I just can’t compare them. This liner lasts all day and never comes off, even under water. I swim with it and everything. Just my opinion however. 🙂