Review: Sugarpill Cosmetics Sweetheart Palette

Sugarpill. Queen of color. Sovereign of shades. Czar of chromaticity. Trigger of terribly-executed attempts at alliteration. I may be an awful writer, but y’all are pretty damn good at eyeshadow production.

I will admit, I was surprised by the shimmer on some of these eyeshadows, as I had kind of been working under the assumption that all Sugarpill eyeshadows are matte… even though now that I know they are not, I am not really sure how I got that impression.

The Sweetheart palette contains:

Dollipop: A (mostly) matte hot pink.
Afterparty: A shimmery blue the color of 1980s denim that might have been worn by Robin Sparkles in How I Met Your Mother.
Midori: A pearly fantasy dragon green that is not the color of the melon-flavored liqueur of its namesake at all.
Tako: A matte white.

Now that I have introduced you to all those name, just go ahead and forget them, since the word “tako” is not nearly as descriptive as the word “white” (unless you are trying to refer to a town in Chiba…).

The palette comes with a decent-sized mirror, which is perfect for making silly faces in.

Just go ahead and assume that I am always making this face when photographing my makeup.

The colors go on like butter. (As always, swatches are two swipes of color over no primer!)

I still can’t find anywhere in my new apartment with decent lighting, so outside it is…

At first glance, I was actually a little bit worried about the white
color in this palette. Not necessarily about its quality, but about
its… classiness? Let’s just say that when I think about a giant, pigmented, white, matte eyeshadow, the first image that comes to mind isn’t necessarily the epitome of good taste.

However, it turns out that my concerns were delightfully unfounded for a totally unexpected reason: these fuckers blend. And not just in a “this is a step you are supposed to take when you go about eyeshadowing” sort of way, but in a “now you have a rainbow of colors at your disposal that you didn’t know you had signed up for” sort of way. That white color combines with the other colors to make pastels! Suddenly you have pastels you didn’t even know you bought!

My favorite mix is actually the blue and the pink. Seriously, look at that shit. That’s not because I spent half an hour trying to MacGyver some off-brand lilac. That’s what happens when you put a layer of pink and then put a layer of blue on top. That’s just what it looks like.

On my eyes, these basically turn to magic.

Sugarpill Sweetheart Palette on Human Face
Sugarpill Sweetheart Palette on Human Face

All the Sugarpill four-color palettes retail for $34 for 0.48oz, putting it at quite reasonable $70.83 per ounce. Their pressed eyeshadows can also be bought individually for $12 for 0.12oz ($100 per ounce). That means that if you are digging three out of four colors in any given palette, it’s still worth it to get the palette, since three of those suckers will cost you $36.

Given the quality and the GINORMOUS SIZE of these eyeshadows, I can’t imagine that anyone who has been eyeing this will be displeased.


  1. Woahh that’s insane. It’s practically like acrylic painting.

On a random note, in japanese “Midori” just means green and “Tako” (not sure if that’s what was meant here) means octapus.

2. This is what happens when you work in the alcohol service industry, hahaha. I didn’t even think about the fact that it might not be referring to alcohol.

3. That is some awesomely blendy eyeshadow. Those are not colors I would have ever thought I would want to wear, but having seen them now, I…am intrigued. Lovely, as always!

4. I have truly never had anything blend this well. It’s really lovely.

5. The Tako colour is named after Amy Doan aka Shrinkle aka Sugarpill’s founder’s white cat, Tako. 🙂

6. That’s pretty cute, actually!

7. Unrelated to the post, but what are you thoughts on beautyblenders? Also, would you be able to do a review on the Hourglass Immaculate liquid to powder foundation?

8. I like the finish my beautyblender gives me, but it also sheers out my foundation more than I would wish.

I don’t know where I would acquire that foundation, unfortunately! It’s a long way to a Sephora from my tiny little town and they don’t have any Hourglass products, so I can’t get a sample…

9. Frequent commenter Kathryn T and I are Seattle-area big fans of yours.Yesterday we were in the downtown Sephora and I saw the Hourglass products and said “we should let know we would be happy to get samples on her behalf.” We are also both super-pale, too. So if you have a mailing address you would give random Internet fans, drop one of us a note. We’ll be downtown next Sunday, too.

10. You’re so lovely! I was actually in Seattle about a week ago and I saw the Hourglass as well and picked up my own sample, haha. I’ll review it when I officially decide if it is worth the price.

11. Cool! The offer stands in the future, though. We both enjoy your blog enough that we’d love to help out.

We also hit up Bartell’s and said “oh, NYX eye shadow primer, liked that.” Turns out we got a totally different product, this comes in a little pot in white, pearl, or beige. Will let you know if it is worth trying.

12. Hourglass looks like an amazing foundation, but it is also expensive as all get-out. Although I would also love to see a truthful review (a la Robin) of that, or any other item, actually!
Robin, I just found your blog a few weeks ago and spent my spare time since then reading the whole thing! I love it! Your descriptions are great, honest, and usually, funny as hell, too.
I look forward to you posting lots more! I’m definitely a product junkie but these days I am more of an online order-er than an in-person buyer. Mostly just for busy reasons, and also for don’t-wanna-drag-the-whole-family-to-the-mall-so-I-can-Jones-on-makeup kinda reason.
Anyway, love the blog!

13. Oops…Sorry for the “I” instead of “y”.