Review: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Splendor

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes are baked blushes that claim to last for a full 12 hours. Splendor is a limited edition mini created for both Tarte-devotees and new converts.

Outside packaging

This is a peachy pink, with big ol’ hunks of gold glitter. I can handle a few glitter speckles in my blushes, but anything as large and unsubtle as this feels inelegant and clunky.

The color and the texture, however, are beautiful. It feels smooth and doesn’t get weird and powdery, which is highly appreciated.

What’s inside.

One of the nice things about it is that it is very buildable. I don’t like my blushes to be super pigmented, because I am prone to accidentally dressing as a birthday party clown. And, as much as 7-year-old loved birthday party clowns, I would need to get significantly better at balloon animals in order to pull this off.

Thus, I really appreciated that this blush is subtle, but can be built up to intense pigmentation for those who require it.


The “12-hour” claim is the subject of much beauty blogger debate. I personally do get 12 hours of wear out of this product, but blush tends to stay on my cheeks particularly well, even as the rest of my makeup drips off in goopy puddles… So, if you have a problem with blush lasting power, you may want to ask someone else.

Amazonian Clay Blush on Human Face

In terms of value, Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes slightly less expensive than blushes of comparable quality. For reference, check price of Nars Orgasm.

Although Spendor does not currently come in a full sized version, there are 15 colors that do, and they run the gamut from pale, delicate pinks to sexy corals to rosy plums.

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  1. Mimi Nycto

    It looks great on you like you were running through a field of roses with wild abandon. The roses were thornless though lol yeah genetic modification!