Review: Tarte Maracuja Cheek Tint

I am a recent convert on Tarte foundation, and their cheek stains have been a staple in my makeup routine for years. So, on a whim, I decided to give the Tarte Maracuja Cheek Tint a try.

There are four colors: deep berry, light nectar, light pink, and sheer red. I am pretty much set for life on light pink blush, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that deep berry and sheer red would be more flattering on a darker skintone. So, I settled on light nectar.

Although I opened up my package and went, “Uh, that’s it?”, this actually isn’t a particularly small product. The Tarte Maracuja Cheek Tint is on sale at $15 for 0.35oz (or $42.86 per ounce). For comparison, Benefit’s boxed blushes are $28 for 0.28oz (or $100 per ounce, about 2.33 times more expensive per ounce). It seems that I am so used to seeing huge, additional cardboard to bulk up a small product that I am actively surprised when a company uses sleek packaging that doesn’t significantly overstate their product’s size. My initial surprise quelled, a decided to check out the application.

The swatch on the website looks like this:

Totally normal cheek color.

What came out of my bottle looked like this:


Luckily, it blended out to a less ridiculous color.

Note, though, that where I originally sprayed the color is not blending out. It stained quite dramatically. In fact, this swatch stayed on my arm for about 24 hours. This is good news if you want blush on your face 24 hours after application and less good news if you want the privilege of being able to fix mistakes before going out in public.

If you are like me and your put on your makeup very. very. very. slowly… you are going to have to break that habit for this product. A slow application leaves you with patchy, weird looking cheeks. The faster you get this on your face, the better it will look. Furthermore, each time I have used this product, I have liked it a little bit better, likely because my ability to apply the product appropriately has improved.

Tarte Maracuja Cheek Tint in Light Nectar on a Human Being.
(If nothing else, this blog serves as a spectacular documentation of my acne.)

The one thing I can’t shake, though: this is product is going to stain your fingers. There are just no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Overall, I like this product. I think I am more of a powder blush kind of lady, but I appreciate the fact that this blush is available in relatively unconventional colors. And, if you are looking for something with some staying power, this will be right up your alley.


  1. Goddess of Negativity

    I dont see any acne at all!

  2. Kendra

    Loving your blog 🙂


      Thank you!

  3. Kat

    You have gorgeous skin! I have a hard time figuring out why you complain about it so much. (I know, I know, the magic of makeup and all that, but still, you are beautiful!)


      One day I’ll show you guys what it looks like sans makeup, haha.