Review: The Body Shop Concealer Pencil

“FUCK. FUCK. FUCK,” I thought. I was at the airport. You know how you always forget something? This time it was concealer. On the way to a job interview, it is best not to look like you get punched in both eyes. Luckily, I had easy access to the Body Shop in the SEATAC airport, so I could pick out a cheap-o replacement.
The salesman working there “matched” me, assuring me that ’02’, the second lightest shade, would be the right color. “You want your concealer to be a little bit darker than your foundation,” he assured me. I knew that was wrong. Normally, I am very argumentative and would have countered about how that advice is silly. One shade darker, my ass! Unfortunately, I’d pulled an all-nighter to get to the airport at 4am and sleep-deprived is pretty complacent. He put the product in my hand and I drowsily walked up to the counter to pay.
The color is obviously off, but there are other problems with this concealer as well. Most saliently, it’s in a pencil form, but you can’t use it like a pencil. Both the salesman and the chick working the cash register made sure to explicitly inform me of this fact, and experimentation demonstrated that this was the case. Use it like a pencil and this shit will crease like a motherfucker.
It is worth noting, though, that this product does have really nice full coverage, meaning it does a totally acceptable job at concealing dark circles. It’s not a terrible product, but I wish I had remembered to bring something I actually like.
The concealer costs $11 for 0.13 oz, or $84.61 per ounce. That’s on the inexpensive side, but there are definitely preferable concealers from brands that I prefer that cost less. (For example, Time Balm by theBalm is $18 for 0.26oz, or $69.23 per ounce.)Plus, I didn’t get the job. I’m going to blame the concealer.


1. Pretty sure this one is my boyfriend’s mom’s favourite and they discontinued her shade… I’ll inform her of the one you just mentioned though, thanks ;D

2. It’s always a good thing to find a new favorite product!

3. I love your swearing so much!

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