Review: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Occasionally, there is product that you come to depend on so heavily that it never occurs to you to tell anyone about it. “Of course they would know that this is the best thing since the invention of cheese,” you think. It would be like bragging that you found this neat little ice cream company called Ben & Jerry’s.

For me, theBalm’s Mary Lou Manizer is that product. There are very few things that go on my face every single day, but this is one of them. This golden champagne highlighter adds the perfect glow to my face. It works great for contouring, adding an exclamation point to my cheekbones. It’s certainly shimmery, but it lacks the harshness of glitter.
At 0.3oz, this product is huge. I’ve had it for over six months. I wear it daily, and it looks almost full (although its lack of evenness is reminiscent of middle schooler skin). You do have to be careful to blend it out, or else it might accentuate your pores. But once you begin to blend, you’re left with a goddess-like glow.
Mary Lou Manizer on Human Face

Because the product is so large, it’s an especially good deal. It costs $24 for 0.3oz ($80 per ounce). For comparison, NARS Albatross is $29 for 0.16oz ($181.25 per ounce). Ounce per ounce, NARS is more than twice the price.


1. This was the one good thing that came out of my birchbox subscription, and I think it was in my first box. I used the tiny (but adorable and awesomely packaged) sample for a good two months before I bought the full size on Hautelook. I gave the sample to my sister, and it was still pretty much full. I love this stuff. I had been using something else for awhile and went back to this, as soon as I put it on, I though ‘Wow, I look awesome today!’. Totally a holy grail highlighter!

2. How do you use highlighter? Can you do a tutorial on how to highlight/lowlight your face? I love your look but whenever I try to find a magical bronzer/highlighter/blush combo I come out looking clownish.

3. Oh gosh. Maybe. I am not sure that I have the makeup prowess to be giving anyone instructions on what to do with their face, but perhaps.

4. I got this in my Birchbox in February and loved it! This and Benefit’s Watt’s Up are my 2 favorite highlighters. Glad you love it!


5. I think you have a typo; you initially state the size of the product at 0.03 oz and later as 0.3 oz. It’s the latter, right?

6. You are correct! Fixed.

7. What is that duochrome on your lips?! I’m looking through your theBalm reviews since they’re having a flash sale tomorrow and saw this! Need. Or maybe I can just put gold eyeshadow on pink lipstick.

8. It’s the gold from the MUFE Flash palette!

9. Best highliter ever !