Review: theBalm Sexy Mama

TheBalm’s Sexy Mama is a translucent, mattifying powder that “matches the skin so perfectly that even your most attentive admirer will suspect nothing”.

Not totally sure why there are daisies between her knees, but I’ll allow it.

I bought this product a while ago, and I think it’s perfect for dusting on your face at the end of your makeup routine, pulling your whole face together.

Big old mirrors are handy.

The product looks a bit peach-colored, but it certainly appears invisible on my face. I did my best to make a swatch, but I couldn’t build it up enough to display any sort of color. To me, that suggests that this product will probably work acceptably for a variety of skin tones.

The product close up.

I hate being a greaseball, but I don’t always want my skin to be an eerie, rubbery looking matte. One of the things I really like about Sexy Mama is that it stops me from looking like I rubbed my face against a plate of french fries, but it doesn’t take away any of the luminous qualities of my skin.

Before and After applying theBalm’s Sexy Mama

At full price, this costs about $20 for 0.25oz, or about $80 an ounce. Although this isn’t an unreasonable price, I have officially reached the point that I refuse to pay full price for theBalm products. Their frequent appearance on HauteLook alone makes it difficult to justify paying full retail price for these products.

Case in point: theBalm recently announced a really great sale. On April 1st, every product on their website will be 50% off. Although I love and appreciate these enormous sales, this kind of thing draws my attention to both the high markup of their products. And, because of the frequency of these huge discounts, I have a hard time saying that a product is worth the full price when simply waiting for a couple weeks will give you the chance to try it for a much cheaper rate. (That being said, mark your calendars for April 1st, guys.)

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  1. Candyflossone

    On the flip side, considering thebalm is generally pretty well reviewed/liked (and the effects of Sexy Mama are pretty impressive), at least as much as other comparably priced brands, maybe we should just feel kinda lucky that at least the thebalm has awesome sales. Glass half-full (today).