Review: theBalm Time Bomb Concealer in Lighter Than Light

TimeBomb is one of two concealers by theBalm. It comes in nine shades that run from relatively light to relatively dark. I use the lightest shade, called “lighter than light”.

I will say, the outside packaging is not necessarily the most aesthetically appealing choice, especially if you plan on using it buttload. Because it is so light, it looks very faded. When you use it, it obviously gets dirty and imperfect. The wear-related damage combined
with the appearance of fading and the vintage-looking packaging means that it quickly looks like you are disgusting and have been using this concealer since the 1980s.

The plastic inside packaging is less immediately unappealing, since it is nice and compact, but it’s a little too fragile to carry around; mine has a big crack in it!

The product originally came with this kind of nasty-looking circular sponge that will get unsanitary really quickly, and I have long-since tossed it. A concealer brush or clean fingers (combined with frequent cleaning of the product itself) are both far better ways to apply it.
The weird and unnecessary anti-aging claims suggest that you should be using it exclusively for undereye circles. Although I really like it for this purpose, I use it even more frequently to cover blemishes. Lighter than Light is the perfect match for my Tarte Ivory foundation, so it can cover anything that is still showing. It also works really nicely over a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, or under a powder foundation.

TimeBomb retails for $18 for 0.26oz ($69.23 per ounce). This is absurdly reasonable. For comparison, Benefit’s Boi-ing is $20 for 0.1oz ($200 per ounce) and Tarte’s Amazonian Clay
12-hour Waterproof Concealer is $22 for 0.07oz ($314.29 per ounce).Overall, the things I don’t like about this concealer (the packaging, the stupid sponge it comes with, etc.) are definitely overwhelmed by the things I love about it (the coverage, the value, and so forth). Thus, I would say that it’s a good investment for those of you in the market for a full-coverage concealer.


  1. Any chance on your writing a blog on he to sanitize your makeup products?

2. I can do that! I don’t do anything complicated or fancy, though!

3. Glad to see this stuff got a positive review from you; I’ve been thinking of ordering some and now I can justify the purchase since there’s finally a brutally honest review out there for it. 🙂

4. I hope you find that you like it!

5. holy crap, am I envious of your lack of undereye potato sacks. mine looked they belong to a malnourished communist. you’d never know you weren’t in hibernation and a spa wearing that concealer.

6. Mine can get really bad when I am overworked and not getting enough sleep… last year, when I was working 70 hours a week, they were terrible! When I treat myself well, though, they are fine.

7. This is my favorite concealer. How do you set it, though? I’ve tried many, many different methods, brushes and products and it still always seems to crease on me :

8. Run a q-tip over the crease. It will pick up the excess product and fix the problem!

9. Hi! Does the concealer crease on your undereye area?

10. Virtually all concealers crease on me, so yes. I just use a q-tip to remove the excess produce and it’s fine.