Review: Too Faced “Joy to the Girls” Eyeshadow Palette

Joy to the Girls, pigmentation!
It’s almost a full ounce!
All of humanity must prepare their vanities
For this holiday color fest
For this holiday color fest
For this holiday, holiday color fest. 
If halfhearted Christmas carol re-writes don’t get you in the eyeshadow-buying spirit, there’s not much more than I can do for you.

Joy to the Girls is 2016 Too Faced holiday release. It’s a pretty large palette (it feels like you are holding a hardcover book in your hands) containing fifteen 0.06 oz eyeshadows (for a total of 0.9 oz) and a full-size Lashgasm mascara, which would retail separately for $21.

The packaging is well-designed. The polka dots, which shift from silver to gold depending on how you hold the product, aren’t very Christmasy, but they’re super pretty. The pattern was designed by Mary McDonald, an interior decorator. (If you like, you can drool over her portfolio by clicking here.)
The palette is held shut by a magnetic clasp.
Like most Too Faced palettes, the eyeshadow comes with some diagrams for inspiration. In this one, it’s printed on the inside of the cover. I would have preferred that this was a separate card that I could just throw away (leaving me with more pretty polka dots!), but it’s not a big deal. It’s also worth noting that there is no mirror on this palette. I don’t care, but I’m sure that some of you do.
Each of the eyeshadows has a Christmas-themed name (as long as you’re pretty broad about what constitutes “Christmas-Themed”).

The quality of the eyeshadows is a bit variable. Some of them are unbelievable and some are kind of unimpressive. The majority of them are relatively nice, if a bit powdery.
Cookie Dough is a warm light brown that’s a bit reminiscent of Bambi. It’s not quite matte, but it’s mostly matte.

Cheers! is a shimmery champagne that is similar in both color and texture to Urban Decay’s Sin and Stila’s Kitten, although it’s not a dupe for either.
Prancer is a copper sparkle. In my opinion, it’s the weakest eyeshadow in the bunch. The texture is powdery and gritty at the same time and it’s very sheer. I’m sure that it is possible to build this up to opacity with the right primer and white base, but it won’t be effortless.

Sugar Plum is a shimmery dusty purple color.

Mulberry is a cool taupe color with some seriously purple undertones.

Snow Angel is matte ivory. I found it difficult to build up pigmentation for this color.

Powdered Sugar is a very pale baby pink with a super powdery texture. (So, you know. An appropriate name.) The pigmentation isn’t too bad, but it’s hard to tell from my swatches since it is very similar to the color of my skin.

Too-Too is a ballerina pink with finely-milled white and rainbow glitter.

Yule Log is a deep, warm brown with bronze and red glitter.

Chestnut is milk chocolate with a satin finish.
Twinkle is my absolute favorite of the bunch. It’s a brassy gold with the fabulous color payoff and an easy-to-work-with texture. Plus, seriously, look at that color. It screams “happy holidays”!
Joy is a frosty baby blue. This is another one where both the color payoff and texture was downright impressive.
Spike the Punch is a light peach with white sparkle. It takes a bit of building to get the color payoff you might hope for.
The chimney is a slate gray satin. It’s also a standout!

Coal is a matte black. The product is fine, but I have other matte blacks that are much more intense and easy to work with. It was a good addition to the palette, but you do have to work to get opacity. It’s not anything to write home about!

I’m not going to do a full review of the LashGasm mascara at the present time, but I figured that I would at least note that I really, really didn’t like it. It found it hard to work with and prone to creating spider-leg eyelashes. To me, the inclusion of a LashGasm mascara did not add value to my purchase.

I think that the overall color scheme for this palette is really holiday-appropriate. The neutrals are visiting-grandma-appropriate without being boring, and I love that there are a few bold colors, such as Twinkle, to glam it up when you want to. I do think that the palette would have been improved if one of the off-white mattes had been shimmery and if Prancer had been replaced by a statement color that had better quality. A burgundy color, for example, might have been a good choice.

Here are a few of the looks that I’ve done with the Joy to the Girls palette:
The Joy to the Girls Eyeshadow Palette retails for $46. If you assume that the $21 for the mascara is a valid price (e.g. you would have bought it separately), the eyeshadow is $25 for 0.9 oz, leaving you with a price per ounce of $27.78. That is a downright drugstore-esque price. (For comparison, Wet’n’Wild trios cost $24.92 per ounce.)
Alternatively, you can view the mascara as a bonus and not count it. $46 for 0.9 oz of eyeshadow comes out to $51.11 per ounce, which I view as quite low. I typically think of anything less than $100 per ounce as a relatively reasonable price.


1. Twinkle looks beautiful on you! 🙂 The packaging of this palette is really cute.

2. The looks you created are incredible! I especially love the gold one 🙂

3. It’s a cute palette, but I skipped on it as it had an obvious Christmas theme but yet nothing other than the title & shadow names read Christmas to me. Ah well, maybe next year.

4. This looks fabulous! I love the blue look you did with it. The packaging is also adorable. I bought enough makeup for myself this season already though. Oh well…

5. Ahh, these look so beautiful and I love the looks you created with them! I really love the gold, pink, and blue *_*

6. The looks you made are gorgeous! I bought this palette for a friend for Christmas and it was so hard not to swatch that lovely gold!

7. That gold look is KILLER. Actually, all of them are!
I checked out this palette at Macy’s but ended up going with Boudoir – I really dig it.