The Too Faced Summer Eyes palette walks the perfect line between wearable and funky. These are not the kind of colors one might find in a neutral palette, but they aren’t so off-the-wall that you can’t wear them someplace nice.

The packaging is a little bit tacky, but it definitely reminds me of summer, and the metal is solid and good for travel.
If you have never seen a Too Faced eyeshadow palette, they are a bit unconventional. They divide the palette into three “looks” with one large base shadow and two smaller shadows that are good for lids and creases: Day, Classic, and Fashion. Although this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I think this is a good way to encourage people to try colors they might not otherwise attempt. I also love the big lighter shadows, since those are always the first to go.
The Summer Eyes palette features Seashell, a matte, creamy peach; Plumeria, a bright and shimmery cool pink; Cocoa Beach, a frosted brown; Peach Fuzz, a very glittery shade with a hint of pink; Coral Crush, an orangey coral shimmer; Chocolate Sun, a dark brown glitter; Sunbeam, a gold glitter; Mermaid, a shimmery, dusty emerald; and Toasted Coconut, a warm brown.

The colors generally have quite decent pigmentation. However, the two glittery base shadows, Peach Fuzz and Sunbeam, are really pretty much only glitter.
I like this palette. However, it is absolutely not perfect. The first big flaw is that there is no good inner-eye highlighter. Peach Fuzz and Sunbeam are virtually identical. I really don’t need two separate shadows that just look like plain gold glitter. A good shimmery cream or even a matte white instead of one of those shadows would make this palette infinitely more wearable. As it is, it is fine at home when I have a treasure trove of other palettes to add on… but I would never travel with this.

The other problem I have is with the last look– the “fashion” colors. Too Faced includes a sort of doodle that explains what the creators were thinking, but it seems like they never tested that their colors actually matched their vision. Mermaid is much, much darker than it is in the illustration. And, in general the colors just sort of… don’t look like what Too Faced seems to think they look like. (For example, they seem to think that seashell is a pale pink.) If you try to re-create some of these looks, it turns out muddy and unflattering.
Here are some poorly-executed looks I made using exclusively one row of this palette:

I have found, though, that I get much better results when I mix this palette with one that is more versatile.

Because of this, I would absolutely recommend this palette to a palette hoarder (like me) who is looking to mix up their look a little bit. However, anyone who doesn’t already have an ample supply of colors to make up for the flaws in this palette may want to consider skipping this one.

The three base eyeshadows are  0.07oz and the six others are 0.03oz. Thus, the palette is 0.39oz all together. It retails for $36, meaning that it costs $92.31 per ounce. This is slightly less expensive than, for comparison, LORAC Pro, which is $107.50 per


  1. I really wanted this palette, so it’s great to read an honest review about it! As someone who has a bunch of other palettes but is lacking a few of the colors in this one, I think I’ll pick it up!