There are certain things that shouldn’t be shaped like Valentines. Tampons. Junk mail. Your Toenails. Blush, though? Blush should definitely be shaped for romance.

Although there is something covetable and romantic about the heart-shaped container, I actually don’t think that the packaging is very well-designed. The blush container is cardboard, which seems a little low-end for a thirty dollar blush. It’s also huge. The product itself isn’t huge: at 0.19 ounces, it’s actually a bit on the small side. But Too Faced managed to maneuver it in such a way that everything you get pops bulbously out of the pan (even more than a traditional baked blush might) and the pan is unnecessarily gigantic. I assume that this was done to give the illusion of the product being substantial, but what it actually does is forces me to dedicate way too much space on the vanity to this one item. I would guestimate that the volume of this container is two to three times the volume of a MAC blush (which actually contains more product, at 0.21 ounces).
I like that it is shaped like a heart, I just wish it was sized in accordance with the amount of product it contains.
Thankfully, the blush itself is good enough to make up for the ridiculous packaging. There are three shades: a cool, light pink with a shimmer finish, a satin-finished coral, and a rosy peach with a frosted finish. When you mix them together, you get a peachy-pink with just a hint of frost. You can, of course, adjust your application to get slightly more of a certain shade.
If you are fair or light-skinned, the application is an absolute dream. You get good color without having to worry about overdoing it and looking clown-ish. The slight frostiness, on your face, reads as a vibrant glow. This has been my go-to blush for the past couple of weeks because it is so easy to apply in an elegant way and because it’s just fucking pretty.
With that said, if you have darker skin, I’m not sure that this blush will work well for you, as it’s a bit of a chore to build up any color intensity.
The Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush retails for $29 for 0.19 ounces, putting it at the slightly-pricer-than-you-might-have-wished total of $152.63 per ounce. For comparison, a MAC blush is $21 for 0.21 ounces or $100 per ounce.


1. Though this blush really was ridiculously overpriced, I ended up getting it because I was dazzled by the heart-shaped box (buying makeup with cute packaging is a weakness of mine!) but I was really pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the blush! I love that it comes with three different shades of pink + it seemed really easy to apply for me as well (at least – as somebody who is bad at applying blush hah)! Though, the actual blush better have been great considering it was such an expensive product; __;

2. People always rave about blushes being really pigmented, but ones like this are definitely way easier to apply on fair skin!

3. Yikes, that’s some pricey blush! I want it though…. the heart-shaped box…… must…. own…..

4. The real question is whether you’ll use it!

5. I was looking for your email…I love reading your blog but I’m a total makeup newbie. I was wondering if you’re interested in a challenge! I have my cousin (15ish) for Christmas this year (we do Secret Santa) and I was told she loves anything makeup. The limit is $25….what would YOU buy to spread that out and be fun??? I have a Sephora, Ulta, Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens all available to me!!! Thanks in advance for your help!

6. I’d guess that a 15-year-old doesn’t have a good brush set, so I’d start there. The Real Techniques Eye Starter Kit is $17.99. The NYX HD Eyeshadow Base is another $6.99 on top, and Wet’n’Wild’s Comfort Zone is $4.99. That’s slightly over your budget, at $29.97 BUT if you buy brushes from Ulta you ought to at least be able to find a coupon that’s $3.50 off a $10 purchase, which will bring you down to $26.47. I know that’s not QUITE $25 but I think you can probably grant yourself $1.47 wiggle given the quality you get.

If you can’t go over $25 AT ALL, I would do the same eyeshadow palette + primer, but skimp on the brushes. The ELF Studio line isn’t awesome, but it’s very good for the price ($3 per brush). The C-Brush, Contour brush, and whatever blend-y brush you feel like would be an okay choice… That being said, Real Techniques are much better than ELF brushes, so if you feel you can bend the rules a little, that’s what I would choose.