Review: Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks in Manic and Rapture

Will you give all you can give

So that our banner may advance?

Some will fall and some will live

Will you stand up and take your chance?

The blood of the martyrs

Will water the meadows of Fraaaaaance! 

I’ll admit that I am not sure there is anything particularly revolutionary about the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks, but I’ll never pass up an opportunity to sing a bit of Les Mis.

Urban Decay recently released 22 shades of their new lipstick formulation. Although I think their rhetoric is a bit over the top (“super creamy texture, intense pigmentation, superior color dispersion, and extended wear“), these are very nice lipsticks.

The silver tubes feel very substantial… and there are no awkward swords poking out from them anywhere! I have heard people compare them to high-end lipsticks, and I would definitely disagree with that characterization. I think the ‘swirlyness’ on the silver and the flat top for the lipsticks themselves belies the product’s pricepoint. I do definitely agree, though, that these don’t feel cheap.
I got two colors: Manic is described as a “soft wine” but comes across more as a warm, plummy red with a hint of shimmer. Rapture is a dark rose. I was going to tell you which one is my favorite, but I like them both so much that I can’t decide. Manic is the perfect “casual red” and Rapture is just dark enough to have a subtle drama, without looking inappropriate for the office.

The color was a little bit more sheer than I was expecting given that Urban Decay kept touting its opacity, but they look very nice on the lips. There is a notable glossiness to the finish. They also both stay nice and moisturizing throughout the day.

Both colors did pass the “four hours and a meal test”– with a caveat. The meal in question matters. If I eat a sandwich, for example, I am not longer wearing lipstick at the end of that sandwich.

The Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks retail for $22 for 0.9oz ($244.44 per ounce). That’s honestly quite pricey for a lipstick. MAC’s lipsticks are $15 for 0.1oz ($150 per ounce). It’s creeping up into Givenchy lipstick pricing; their Le Rouge is $36 for 0.12oz ($300 per ounce).

Are Urban Decay lipsticks a revolution? No. But they are very nice (slightly overpriced) lipsticks in fabulous colors.


1. Those colours look great and I want them!

2. I’m getting those exact two colors! I looked at all the swatches and I loved these two. Plus I’m a huge Bioshock fan and I love the name rapture 🙂

3. Great minds think alike…

4. okay so this post got me thinking…what exactly makes high end make-up high end? like what’s in chanel that elf doesn’t have? is it packaging, name, care of production? ingredients, maybe? how important are fancier ingredients? think you could answer this with some mother******* science?!

5. The -end designation is based solely upon price point and the intended market. In my mind, there’s low-end/drugstore, mid-end (think MAC), high-end, and luxury. The more a product costs (and the larger your parent company), though, the more you can market, package, and fine-tune it. Giorgio Armani Beauty and YSL Beauty are both owned by L’Oréal, but the brand one associates with the latter name will never try to sell you clear lip gloss for $30. For people who want/can afford to spend $30 on clear lip gloss, though, Armani and YSL offer superior packaging and a more refined aesthetic.

6. Like Helena, I think of low-, medium-, and high-end as being exclusively based on price. However, obviously, you reach a certain point of inexpensive-ness (cough cough ELF) and products will be basically crap. On the other hand, there is nothing in a $50 lipstick that will make it practically different from a $20 lipstick.

7. Those colors are both DIVINE on you and I definitely am adding them to my wish list.

Also, thank you for the Les Mis earworm…

9. Do you hear the people sing?