Review: Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Collection Eyeshadow Trios

Among drugstore eyeshadow brands, Wet’n’Wild reigns supreme. Given the price point, Wet’n’Wild Eyeshadow Trios are really, really, absurdly good. Knock-your-socks off good. Does Wet’n’Wild outperform my favorite eyeshadow brands, such as LORAC? No. But for $3, it would be ridiculous to expect them to. For any makeup junkie on a strict budget, Wet’n’Wild is the perfect way to get pigmented, fun colors at an incredibly affordable price. Up until recently, I thought of Wet’n’Wild as a brand for 12-year-olds, but that is not the case at all.

Each of the Wet’n’Wild eyeshadows has a browbone shade, a crease shade, and an eyelid shade. In some cases, that is a lovely way to wear the colors. In other cases, it is not. (I don’t need shimmery green on my browbone, personally.)

I have four of the Color Icon Trios: Walking on Eggshells, I’m Feeling Retro, Cool as a Cucumber, and I Dream of Greenie. As always, my swatches are two swipes of color sans primer.

Walking on Eggshell

When people tell me they know absolutely nothing about eyeshadow, I tell them to buy the Elf C Brush, the Elf Contour Brush, and the Wet’n’Wild Walking on Eggshells palette. Higher quality products may exist, but these products let you figure out how to eyeshadow for $9 plus tax.

The browbone shade for Walking on Eggshells is is a silvery, shimmery cream, with a peachy champagne shimmer for the eyelid and a warm light brown satin for the crease. The browbone shade isn’t as pigmented as they other two, but it’s definitely sufficient for use as an inner eye highlighter.

Walking on Eggshells swatches

Walking On Eggshells really shines when used for soft, work-appropriate looks.

I’m Feeling Retro

I’m Feeling Retro is almost the polar opposite of Walking on Eggshells in terms of mood. The browbone shade is a frosty white. The crease shade is a shimmery denim color. The eyelid color is a duochrome (seriously, duochromes at the drugstore!) that shifts from a bright purple to a pink.

 These shadows are perfect for super fun looks!
 I’m Feeling Retro on Human Face

Cool As A Cucumber

Cool as a Cucumber’s browbone shade is a soft mint green, with a dreary forest green for the lid, and a dusty dark plum for the crease.

Cool as a Cucumber

Cool as a Cucumber is probably the biggest disappointment of the shadows
here. It’s the only one I wouldn’t re-buy, and it’s the only one where
its price doesn’t feel like a steal. The colors feel kind of chalky and are not as pigmented as the other trios. It’s still solid, but the other
Color Icon palettes are just so spectacular that this feels mediocre in
comparison. I would still recommend it, though, if you dig the colors.

I Dream of Greenie

The browbone shade for I Dream of Greenie is a silvery light green frost. The eyelid shade is a glittery, neon, yellow-ish chartreuse. The crease shade is a cool, medium green.
This is my personal favorite of the four because all the colors are so vibrant, fun, and easy to work with! If you like green eyeshadow, I don’t think you can go wrong with this palette. Highly, highly recommended. I will say that I do have a few qualms with the Wet’n’Wild trios, most notable among them being the brushes included in the palettes. Do not use these brushes. If you have been using these brushes, you seriously need to stop today. You would have better luck stabbing yourself in the eye with the plastic paintbrushes that came in your kindergarten watercolor set.

To demonstrate the inefficacy of the included brushes, I swatched one swipe of the eyelid shade from I’d Feeling Retro using the brush from the palette next to one swipe using my MAC 239. You’re squandering these shadows if you don’t use at least adequate tools to apply them!

To me, the inclusion of such god awful brushes seems like such a throwaway to me. If you can’t commit to doing a not-terrible job, why include brushes at all?

Luckily, I look at my receipt and forget all my irritation. At $2.99 for 0.12oz, these suckers squeak in at an easy-on-the-wallet $24.92 per ounce.

1. Wow. I can’t believe you convinced me to buy eyeshadow! Totally planning on the $9 idea, plus a green one.

2. Good luck! Walking on Eggshells is honestly a really good place to start. Be sure to give me your verdict!

3. I have one of these palettes in silent treatment and was fairly unimpressed. The brown crease shade is so chalky and doesn’t blend and I get no colour payoff. None of the colours are that pigmented. Do you think I just got a bad batch? Great review btw. I like that you include looks so we can see the eyeshadows in action.
🙂 Chelsey

4. I haven’t tried that one, so I can’t speak to its quality. I think, like most drugstore makeup, not everything is a slam dunk. For example, Cool as a Cucumber was kind of meh, but the others were great!

5. How do you handle the shimmer in these palettes? Since every shade is frost-finish, wearing them all makes me look like a shimmer bomb. I have to mix the shades with mattes from my collection.

6. I… just don’t mind shimmer.

7. I actually, just for the hell of it, used the Walking on Eggshells the other day according to the directions…and it wasn’t awful. I really love that little trio.


8. Excellent! I’ll have to try I Dream of Greenie ASAP, because I’ve been contemplating some UD green shadows but felt wary of shelling out for something I might not like. But green is my favorite color, so it has to look good on me…right?

9. Let me know what you think!

10. Where do you get e.l.f. brushes? The only place I’ve ever seen that brand is at Ross, and their selections are. . . variable, let’s say that. (Although I did get a thing of 64 better-than-you’d-think eyeshadows for $5.50, so that’s not terrible.)

11. I bought most of mine from Target, though I have also seen them at K-mart, including some of their studio line.

12. I’m probably not very helpful since I buy everything online…

13. Great post, reeeeeeeeally minor critical suggestion on this and similar posts: could you take another picture of the looks with your eyes forward? Sometimes it’s hard to judge the overall effect with eyes shut or lowered eyelids. (Not knocking these pix, btw, they’re really helpful to in figuring out how to do the look myself – it just makes it hard to work out whether the look is something I’d wear in the end, unless I actually try it.)

13. Hm… okay!

14. Hi, I know that you probably have a million ideas and products to review and try, but I would to hear your thoughts on this little palette from Target:

Readings about walking on eggshells reminded me of it.

15. Great post! Your tip about quality brushes has really been super helpful and I have noticed a BIG difference now that I’m using MAC brushes instead of a rando CVS set. Worth the investment, for sure! (especially if it allows me to get more bang for the buck from drugstore cheapies!)