Review: Wet’n’Wild “Getting Flashed” Holiday 2016 Color Icon Glitter Cream Palette

I’m an impulse buyer. There are people out there who do impeccable research on the products that they purchase, even at the drugstore. They read reviews and they look at swatches. They watch youtube videos and they read blogs. For a $5 product, I don’t do those things. I just walk into Walgreens and go, “OOH, IT’S WET’N’WILD AND IT’S GLITTERY.”
This product was made for people like me because there is no way that Wet’n’Wild doesn’t know that this is a shit product. Wet’n’Wild quality is usually super good. They know what quality is and they know that this isn’t it. For the 2016 holiday season, Wet’n’Wild released six glitter cream trios and an eight-pan called “Getting Flashed”, which is what I bought. As a side note, “Getting Flashed” is a totally inappropriate name for an eyeshadow palette, especially one like this, which I assume will primarily be used as stocking stuffers for 11-year-olds whose parents know nothing about makeup.

In the pan, these look really exciting and glittery. However, when you start digging into these shadows, it becomes immediately apparent that the pretty glitter layer that is on top is just a mask for the greaseball cream shadows that lay underweight.
Overall, the pigmentation on these palettes is very weak. The only one that I might recommend at all is the pearlescent cream shade. Literally, all of the other colors are absolute crap. The cream shade actually seemed like kind of a nice throwback to 1990s Wet’n’Wild, especially given that ’90s makeup is kind of trendy right now. The rest was a throwback to 1990s quality Wet’n’Wild, which was much less desired.
I get a lot of comments asking about how much eyeshadow or eyeshadow primers crease. I am a terrible person to ask about this because my eyeshadows never crease. I can layer on an inch and a half of greasepaint on my lids and I’ll still look fine at the end of the day. Sadly, this product is definitely an exception to that rule. These started creasing before I’d even finished my makeup. I wore them all day, just for you guys. This included wearing them to a rather nice restaurant… and I was actually kind of embarrassed because they were so faded and creased by that point that I just didn’t think my makeup was appropriate for the setting.

Again, the only one I might use again is the pearl color, and I’d keep it on the inside corner of my eye, where smudging and creasing is a non-issue.

What’s more, I found them really difficult to work with. Because they are so patchy and uneven, I had a really difficult time getting my eyes to match. Normally, you might think, “Oh, I put more black in the crease of my left eye than my right eye; let’s put some more on my right eye to even it out.” Here, I would try to smudge in some extra color and the product would get picked up by my brush or my finger, making my eyes even more lopsided than they already were.

Here’s what my attempts at using them ended up looking like:
I should also probably note that since glitter is not an FDA-approved additive, these aren’t FDA-approved for use on your eyes at all. So, obviously, if you do try this monstrosity on your eyes, please be cautious and don’t scratch up your wonderful eyeballs.

This palette costs $5 for 0.3oz of the product ($16.67 per ounce), which is the same as a normal Wet’n’Wild eight-pan palette that will be infinitely superior in quality.


1. That reminds me of those glittery NYX palettes that looked so pretty but were essentially shiny vaseline.

2. I bought one of those, too! I’m not good at learning from my mistakes, obviously.

3. I just don’t bother with cream eye products anymore. They always crease like mad no matter what I do. Too bad though, some of those colors look so damn pretty in the pan!

4. Cream shadows are usually okay for me, but these were not!

5. Well that’s a bummer. I saw photos of these in a press release or something and was tempted to pick one up, but I guess being too lazy to go to the drugstore right away saved me $5. Also, I think Wet n Wild is getting a little out of control with the sassy palette names. I’ll admit that I’m terrible and the name “Getting Flashed!” made me laugh, but at the same time I probably would be hesitant to give it to someone who isn’t old and creepy like myself.

6. Laziness wins again!

7. Everything creases on me. I have to try the Lorac Behind the Scenes that you recommended to see if eyeshadow will last longer than 6 hours on me.

I requested this previously and I apologize for asking again in case you saw that comment: could you add a black pencil eyeliner comparison to your list of requests? It would be really helpful to me to find one with good staying power, and maybe one that doesn’t smudge on my contact lenses if I tightline.

Thank you!

8. I will definitely get to it, but it may not be immediate. Sorry!

9. I’m really glad I read this because I was kind of tempted to buy them! Quite bummed that they are such shit quality.

10. They look so pretty! Resist temptation.

12. I had a very similar palette by NYX – greasy under the beautiful glittery top layer! So disappointing because they look so pretty.

13. I bought that too! I need to learn from my mistakes…

14. I got just one of the trios because I know they are shitty. I just was being hopeful. Ended up being a fail. Why can’t WnW just stick to powders?