Review: Wet’n’Wild Pop Art Color Icon Trios

I love you, Wet’n’Wild, but damn, you can be difficult. Acquiring the Pop Art Trios, the new eyeshadows from Wet’n’Wild’s limited edition summer line, has been a serious pain in the butt. I have been phoning drugstores incessantly. I even got a few false alarms, when Rite Aid employees assured me that they had the trios. (A bike ride out there proved that wrong, unfortunately.)
Wet’n’Wild Pop Art Trios

I eventually got my hands on these when a friend in Wisconsin offered to mail me a Your 15 Minutes Aren’t Up, I’m Seeing Triples, and Three’s a Party.

Luckily, the effort was worth it. After Temptalia gave a scathing review of I’m Seeing Triples (she gave it a D-) I was worried that they would be awful. Nope! They’re pretty great. Additionally, for those of you who expressed concern that Wet’n’Wild eyeshadows are too shimmery, this might be great palettes to play with. All the shades are not-quite-mattes; the effect is matte, although there is the faintest hint of shimmer in there.

Three’s a Party

This is the trio that originally caught my eye. A drugstore red eyeshadow? It’s a miracle! These swatch beautifully and feel very buttery.

I will say, whoever decided the “browbone, crease, eyelid” order for these suckers was seriously misled about appropriate makeup choices. Unless you are 13-year-old and just entering your goth phase, please don’t do a black eyelid and a red crease. I’ve been creeping on other people’s looks and I basically hate all of them. A red eyelid and a black crease is infinitely more flattering.

I can only assume that the red color was more expensive to produce and thus they wanted to stick it in the “crease” section, which is the smallest.

Your Fifteen Minutes Aren’t Up

Of the three Pop Art trios that I tried, this is the only one that I wouldn’t buy multiples of in a heartbeat if I saw it at the drugstore. The colors and fun and Easter-y, but they are not super opaque. Even a white base doesn’t seem to totally fix the problem.
I will say, though, that the two times I wore these guys out and about, I got many compliments.

I’m Seeing Triples

I think that Three’s a Party is probably my favorite of the three, but I’m Seeing Triples is still definitely a star. The colors are super pigmented and just damn fun. Anyone who has been afraid to try color should grab this baby and play around. Even if it’s hard to justify paying for a mid- or high-end brand’s wackadoodle colors, at $2.99 it’s incredibly worth it.
The look I did with these was very peacock-inspired. I think their vibrancy is marvelous!

Like the Wet’n’Wild eyeshadow trios from the permanent line, these cost $2.99 for 0.12oz, making them $24.92 per ounce. If you’ve been checking them out, I strongly recommend picking them out.

1. I was going to pass on all of these… but now I’m tempted.

2. At least they’re not pricy!

3. I love your lip color in the “I’m Seeing Triples” photo. Can you tell me what lip product you’re wearing?

4. Maybelline Vivids in Shocking Coral. Review coming.

5. I really love the peacock look!

6. Me too! It caught me by surprise.

8. Aww, I like myself with a black eyelid and a red crease! I’ve been pretty entrenched in my goth “phase” for coming up on ten years now, though.

9. You do you!

10. Very nice. I just got my first Wet-n-Wild eye shadow the other day (the single Creme Brulee) after hearing about how great it is. I’m really impressed by the quality – the shadow was less than $1.50. I’ve used their tinted moisturizer and been happy w/ it – and some of their lipsticks have amazing staying power. Impressive for a “cheapy” brand (and IMHO so much better than the other cheapy brand – E.l.f.). Those triples are very pretty – and you do a great job w/ your eye make-up.

11. Wet’n’Wild is definitely more consistently acceptable quality than ELF.

12. I LOVED the looks you created! I also get pissed off when they make such a standard shade the biggest… That red looks BEAUTIFUL