Review: Yes to Carrots (Well, Blueberries, Cucumbers, and Grapefruit) Facial Towelettes

I am lazy when I am wide awake, but I am really lazy when I am sleepy. If I couldn’t keep my birth control on my bedside table, I would probably be pregnant by now, as standing up to get it would be way too hard. I regularly sleep in my clothes because I can’t be bothered to take them off. Sometimes I wake up, curled around my purse and laptop, since Sleepy didn’t feel like putting them away.

The reason I love the Yes To Carrots Facial Towelettes is because they play perfectly into my laziness. Even when I can’t manage to drag myself to the sink to wash all the gunk off my face like a proper adult, I can usually manage to make a half-hearted swiping motion somewhere in my facial region.Yes to Carrots makes three types of facial towelettes: Yes to Blueberries, Yes to Cucumber, and Yes to Grapefruit.

Yes to Blueberries Facial Towelettes

The Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh version smells a little bit like cough syrup.

Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

The Yes to Cucumbers Soothing version is my personal favorite because the scent is crisp and the most true to the fruit it represents.
Yes to Grapefruit Facial Towelettes

The Yes to Grapefruit Correct and Repair version is my least favorite. It supposedly “exfoliates”, but I find that it is no substitute for a true exfoliator. The smell is fine, if a little bit chemical-seeming. However, the two things that I find to be most damning are the level of sensitivity it causes my eyes (if it gets anywhere near my eye area, my eyes start burning and watering) and the fact that there are only 25 wipes in a package, in comparison to 30 for the other two scents.

The Yes to Grapefruit version does have a texture, whereas the other two are totally smooth.

In addition, the Yes to Grapefruit version is slightly bigger (perhaps to compensate for the fact that they are putting less wipes in a package). However, the smaller ones are still more than adequately sized to remove my makeup using a single wipe.

I have been using the Yes to Cucumbers version of these wipes for a couple years, and I have never had a problem with them drying out.

Given how irresponsible Sleepy is, I am super grateful for these wipes so that Morning doesn’t have to deal with the consequences of Sleepy’s laziness.

These retail for about $5.99 for 30 (or 25) wipes, coming out to about twenty cents per wipe for the former two, and about 24 cents for the Yes to Grapefruit version.

1. Thanks for this post! I gt the Yes to Grapefruit ones from birchbox for free, using my points. While they do work at removing my make up, I wasn’t sure about repurchasing them. Now I want to try the cucumber ones. I find that the grapefruit ones leave a residue on my face.. I assumed it was whatever stuff they put in there to cause ‘brightening'(which I haven’t seen), so I wonder if the cucumber ones leave you feeling kind of.. sticky, too?

2. The cucumber version feels much cleaner, in my opinion.

3. Thanks! I’ll give them a shot. I have so many make up removers, but with 12 units starting at 7am.. in the summer, a 3 year old, and life, I just don’t have the energy to deal with waterproof mascara at 11pm

4. I don’t know if we get these here, I know we get the Yes To range but I haven’t seen the wipes. I use them all the time too though, otherwise I’d never take off my makeup…oops

5. I love cucumber-scented makeup wipes–I feel like Cucumber is the go-to “pretend you’re at a spa” fragrance. I giggled my way through this because I am the exact same way–sleepy Ashley falls asleep in makeup and wakes up with acne waaaay too often.

6. I’ve tried all of them except the Blueberry version, and the Tomato ones are my favorite! I was terrified that they would smell like tomato paste (which smells nothing like actual tomatoes), but they actually have a very light scent that’s perhaps even lighter than the Cucumber version. Plus the Tomato ones are blemish clearing, which I find helpful.

7. If you have a Big Lots near you, the Epielle brand cucumber wipes are just as good (in my not nearly as scientific opinion as yours) and cost $1 for 30. They are probably my favorite makeup product ever.