Chic Week (or “Spring Social”, depending on whether you prefer rhyming or alliteration) kicked off for VIB Rouge today. For those of you who, like me, live prohibitively far from an actual Sephora, you’re probably taking advantage of your 15% discount with some good, old-fashioned online shopping.

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If you do online shopping and are not already signed up for Ebates, you should probably remedy that immediately. It’s a cashback service that takes money for “referring” you to a store, and passes over a percentage of that profit to you. (My referral link is here, if you are interested.) Concurrent with Chic Week, Ebates is having a “Luxury Week” with double cash back on “luxury” stores. Sephora is at 8% cash back right now. (Sephora is frequently at 8% cash back, so it’s not really “double”, but it’s pretty darn good either way.)

Our math question of the day is what are you actually saving when you stack these discounts? Because the 8% total is off of the already discounted price, you are saving 21.2%. You are paying 78.2% retail price.

That means if you are buying $300 worth of stuff, you are spending $234.60.

If you buy $100 worth of stuff, you are spending $78.20.

If you buy $50 worth of stuff, you are spending $39.10.

Note that because this saving is including what you get back from Ebates, you’ll have a higher total in your cart (plus, like, tax and stuff), but you will get some of that money back.

Easy math, but a good reminder for anyone who is weighing their purchases this week.

Chic Week runs March 30 – April 11 for VIB Rouge. It starts later for VIB and Beauty Insiders, although I can’t seem to find the exact dates. If you know, let me know too!



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