I originally got a black Sumita eyeliner from Birchbox in May 2013. I was really impressed with the brand’s creamy texture, which reminded me of the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liners. However, in a world of near-infinite ‘pretty darn good’ black pencil liners, even the softest, most pigmented black doesn’t get my heart rate pumping.

Do you know what does?


The Sumita eyeliners retail for a downright-paltry $11 each. They’re pretty basic, but I think the packaging looks nice, especially for the price. There’s some floral-y squiggles on there. I can appreciate that. They’re also not too difficult to sharpen, even though they are quite soft and smooth.

Ziba is a yellow-y green shade. I find that it swatches well, but, on my eyes, it takes a few passes to really build up intensity, especially if it is applied over heavy eyeshadow looks.

Once you get it on, though, it’s not going anywhere. Pass the makeup remover, guys.

Here’s how the Sumita Eye Pencil in Ziba looks on my face:

Sorry about the clumpy lashes. I was trying a lash primer and it was not a success.

The Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliners retail for a super reasonable $11 for 0.06oz, or $183.33 per ounce. For comparison, Urban Decay’s 24/7 Pencil Liners retail for $20 for 0.04oz, or $500 per ounce. Given the pretty low cost and good quality, I definitely plan on trying out other Sumita products in the future.

Now I just need a liquid liner in this color…



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