Review: Tarte ‘Off the Cuff’ Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Palette & Bracelet

I tend to adore Tarte, meaning that their holiday sets are awfully hard to pass up. The “Off the Cuff” palette is a four-blush, one bronzer palette with a bonus faux-leather bracelet.

The bracelet itself I find to be pretty tacky. It’s made of cheap materials and it’s so wide that it doesn’t fit well on my arm. I think they should have left it off completely, since I actually think that its cheap material detracts from the awesome value of the blush palette itself. Leaving it out would also have had the added benefit of letting them pick a less silly product name.
Despite my disapproval of Tarte’s jewelry choices, I do like the sparkles on the palette packaging. I don’t think that it is overdone at all, leaving you with a lovely, glamorous effect. I am drawn to purchase sparkly things the way that my pet guinea pigs are drawn by their desire to pee on my sweatshirt.

The closure for the palette is magnetic, which I really appreciate.
The palette contains four blush shades (Dollface, Dazzled, Darling, and Crave) and a bronzer in Park Avenue Princess. Dollfaced and Dazzled are available as individual shades, whereas Darling and Crave are limited edition. Park Avenue Princess is also available separately.

From left to right: Crave, Dazzled, Darling, Dollface, and Park Avenue Princess

The color descriptions on these blushes are quite inaccurate. According to the packaging, Dollface is a light pink, Dazzled is a soft rose, Darling is a nude melon, and Crave is a pink peach. Do not listen to those color descriptions. They are not even in the vicinity of being correct.

All four colors are very, very pigmented, almost to the point of fault. For fair skin, more blending will be necessary to keep these blushes wearable. These will be effortlessly excellent on medium and darker skin, though. Everything is matte save for Dazzled, which has just a tiny hint of shimmer.

From left to right: Swatches of Crave, Dazzled, Darling, Dollface, and Park Avenue Princess

Crave is an electric an electric watermelon color. Because of its funkiness, it’s my favorite of the blushes in this palette. (Sadly, it’s not available outside of this set.) Still, it is definitely an easy one to overdo.

Crave on Human Face

Dazzled is a deep rose with a hint of shimmer.

Dazzled on Human Face

Darling is a classic dusty peach.

Darling on Human Face

Dollface is a bubblegum pink.

Dollface on Human Face

Park Avenue Princess is a medium-toned bronzer that, let’s face it, is not appropriate for fair skin. It is substantially darker than both Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil and Benefit’s Hoola (both of which are too dark for me anyways). The picture below is my best attempt to contour with this bronzer, keeping it as light as possible. Sadly, the amount of work it took to not look hilariously bad was not at all worth the effort.

That said, this isn’t too warm to contour with, as long as you have the right skin tone. If you have medium-toned skin and you find that some bronzers aren’t intense enough for your contouring needs, this may be a good choice.

Park Avenue Princess on Human Face

Although the bronzer won’t be useful to me, I feel that the quality on these blushes is very high and I am happy with my purchase. The colors are beautiful, they are both pigmented and blendable, and the texture isn’t too powdery. If you are in the market for some matte blushes, I think that this is a really solid choice.

The Tarte Off the Cuff Palette retails for $42 for 0.79 ounces of product, putting it at $53.16 per ounce.

Individually, Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes retail for $26 for 0.2oz, making them $130 per ounce. The Tarte Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess costs $29 for 0.32oz, or $90.63. Since each of the blushes and the bronzer in the palette are 0.158oz, that puts the approximate value of each blush at $20.58, the approximate value of the bronzer at $14.32, and the total value of the palette at $96.64. This is below Sephora’s stated value of $110, but it’s obviously well above the $42 you pay for it. Indeed, the price is so good that even if you only like two of the shades of blush, you’ve pretty much justified the purchase of the entire palette. (At least, you’ve justified $41.16 out of the $42 you paid.)

1. What *I* would like to know is what that lipstick is your wearing in the first picture ‘Crave on human face’. It’s gorgeous!

2. Same. I was more concerned with which lipstick you have on in ‘Dollface on human face’. I’m starting to horde my dark lipsticks for the winter!

3. The lipstick on Crave is Urban Decay’s Shame. On Dollface, it’s NARS Train Bleu with a layer of gold from the Makeup Forever Flash palette over it.

4. I really really want this. One already forwarded the email about it to my husband. I hope we get a vib holiday discount abs they haven’t run out of these by then..

5. I can’t handle your hair.

6. I was more concerned with which lipstick you have on in ‘Doll face on human face’. I’m starting to horde my dark lipsticks for the winter! cheap wristbands

7. While I do really love the review for these blushes, I’m wondering where on earth you got those earrings you are wearing for the Darling swatch.

8. I got them at a research conference, but you can get similar stuff on etsy. Just search “serotonin”.

9. You are absolutely gorgeous!!