Terrible Tutorials: Okay, you guys. Fine. Here is how I do my makeup.

After getting a lot of comments asking how I do my contouring/eyeshadow/what have you, I have decided that I could probably handle making a crappy youtube video (emphasis on the crappy).

Please don’t share this with your friends, as this video will almost certainly be unhelpful to them. BUT YOU ASKED FOR IT.

Also, (at least) two minor corrections: Fake Up is by Benefit and theBalm concealer I used is actually in the shade “lighter than light”.


1. Thank you! I’m on the other side of the mountains from you, so it’s been about 10 degrees cooler, but even so I can’t stomach the thought of putting anything on my face at all. But this was very helpful and informative, particularly the eyeshadow!

2. Thank you for doing this! I wasn’t familiar with the idea of contouring, and I want to look for more information on that. My cheeks have always been pink, so I’ve never used blush. (Don’t be jealous – my nose is pink, too, much to my chagrin.) But this contouring situation seems like a great plan. I hope you do more videos. Stay cool in the unbearable heat!

3. High of a mere(!) 88 degrees tomorrow, so at least we’re moving in the right direction.

4. “So now my face looks a little bit less like I have leprosy . . . ”

I lol’d

5.  You are so cute and funny! Also, i have a question. Are you a student of science by any chance? You don’t have an about me section or anything! (Also: 11:31 … that’s the money shot LOL)

6. I studied bio and psych and college, but I’m not a student right now.

7. Great to see you in this video, hopefully you’ll make more as its nice to hear the voice behind the writing!

8. Let me know if there is something in particular that you would like to see.

9. In video you’re like an American Emma Watson!

10. I get Emma Watson on occasion but I’m not sure it’s a strong resemblance!

11. Your hair is intense! I know it’s not really the purpose of this blog, but I’d like to know more about how you care for it and deal with it, especially in the heat. I’ve been growing my hair out really for the first time (it’s the longest it’s ever been, but not nearly close to yours), and I don’t know anyone else with long fabulous hair! Does it take one million years for it to dry?

12.  This is terribly unhelpful, but the only thing I really do to it is leave it alone. I don’t even wash it very frequently (maybe once a week). But yes, it does take forever to dry! I wash it at night and then wake up with still-damp hair. I think activities are really important when it comes to your ability to grow out your hair, though. When I did swim (in high school), my hair was always fried and I had to keep it shoulder length.