The Daily Mail Scares You Into Taking Off Your Makeup

Daily Fail contributor Anna Pursglove and I have at least one thing in common: sometimes we are too lazy to remove our makeup. Anna Pursglove, however, decided to write an incredibly alarmist article about it. For said article, she did not wash her makeup off for an entire month.

It’s hard to get really annoyed at this Daily Mail article, since they are promoting something that’s generally a good idea (washing the gunk off your face at night), but the fundamental premise of this article is deeply flawed. It’s like trying to investigate whether it’s a bad idea to re-use your milk glass from lunch at dinner by refusing to wash the glass for two weeks and just chugging molding, sour milk. It’s like simulating re-wearing a dress for two days in a row by not washing your underwear for a year.

Pusglove’s Before and After Picture

Pursglove’s month-long journey certainly sounds unpleasant. She reports, “The foundation that I had once loved looked dry and crepey on my skin. In a bid to rehydrate my parched face, once or twice I tried putting moisturiser over the surface of the make-up at night. But this served only to smear it in a wider arch across the pillowcase. My eyelashes, meanwhile, seemed to have stuck together into two giant mono-lashes, meaning applying further mascara was getting difficult. On several occasions I caught myself pulling eyelashes out in clumps and became genuinely concerned that they might all come out.” However, this isn’t damage. This is just being gross. She’s being unsanitary and then describing the results to her readers.

At the end of the month, Pursglove visited a dermatologist to determine whether she fucked herself up. As I am sure you could have predicted, her skin was dry, her wrinkles had deepened (probably because her fucking skin was dry), her skin was red, and her pores were larger. Well, okay. Fine. But then she notes something fascinating: “According to Dr Williams, the decline in texture was almost certainly down to me skipping my twice-daily moisturising routine.” She was skipping her entire skincare regimen. No exfoliation. No peels. No moisturizing. You could just as easily conclude from this article that proper use of skincare is a good thing.

According to Pursglove, “The experts estimated that my skin was biologically approximately a decade older than before I began my no-cleansing experiment.” However, she also parrots completely paradoxical information. “‘You won’t have done any meaningful damage in four weeks,’ [the dermatologist] said. ‘But long-term avoidance of cleansing while continuing to wear make-up could be detrimental to your skin in the long-run.'” You can’t simultaneously claim that she has made her skin ten years worse AND that she hasn’t done any long-term damage. You just don’t get to have both of those things. I also don’t need a dermatologist to tell me that caking more and more makeup on my face without removing it for, say, an entire year is a bad thing to do.

What’s more, I think that revelation runs completely counter to her conclusions. If this woman can leave her makeup on and completely neglect her skincare for an entire month and not suffer any long-term damage… hell, what’s one night?!

(Note: you should definitely wash your makeup off anyways.


1. I’m lazy too but s*** did she not even wash her face in the shower?! Even if some water happened to splash her face and she wiped it with a towel that would be removing something but I get the feeling she kept putting makeup over makeup and so on. What a moron.


2. In the article she says she did a ‘cursory wash’ in the shower, but didn’t cleanse or remove makeup. I don’t get why she didn’t stop putting mascara on when it started to get gross though. I’d much rather see a comparison of 30 days doing a full nighttime routine vs. Just using makeup wipes and moisturize for 30 days. I’m much more guilty of just doing a quick scrub with a makeup remover wipe and slapping on moisturizer than I am of sleeping in a full face of makeup.

3. That’s definitely the case for me as well! I speculate that they didn’t do that because it wouldn’t have been dramatic…

4. LOL, i love when such poorly done experiments are done, great entry!