The hardest part about doing your makeup in three minutes is to allow yourself to leave things in an unfinished, imperfect state. You can’t keep blending your foundation, no matter how much you may wish to.

The second hardest part is resisting the urge to say, “And, uhhh…” on camera.

Edit: By request, here is a photo of how that actually looked on my face (this is after being at the park for a few hours, although I re-applied the gloss to approximate how it looked when applied):

Obviously, there was not a lot of time for spot concealing. I also just realized, after taking this photo, that I completely forgot to contour my nose!

1. You should add a picture of your final look! 🙂

2. It’s there now, just for you!

3. This was fun to watch! You seem different on camera than you do in blog form. Your writing style somehow seems more serious. Also you don’t smile in pictures. I’m not saying it’s bad. I can’t smile in a picture properly to save my life, so I never really bother.. It just threw me off at first. You did a pretty good job in only 3 minutes!

4. A lot of time smiling in pictures distracts from the makeup! Especially for eyeshadow…

I think it’s funny that you think my writing is super serious, haha. I tend to think it leans on the silly side, since I put in a fair number of jokes and hyperboles.

5. People tell me similar things (though I’m not a blogger). My supreme wit and sarcasm make people think I’m not as nice as I am. So I get it!

6. I really liked this, you should do more videos/tutorials! I know there are a million different contouring tutorials out there but I still can’t seem to do it without it looking like I rubbed dirt on my face

7. I will definitely do a contouring tutorial!

8. Two seconds to spare – high five!


10. Hi! I’m a longtime lurker and a makeup newbie. Your blog always makes me laugh and I learn something new every post! 🙂 In this case, I learned that your three-minute face is still much more impressive than my thirty-minute face. Ah, the struggle of not knowing how my own face works (and also unflattering dorm lights).

11. A lighted mirror will help with the latter problem!

12. Hi! Really enjoyed watching your video, it was fun:) I agree, you do seem different from the way you blog..But that’s not a bad thing.
I have 2 guinea pigs too, they’re super greedy!

13. My guinea pigs think they need to eat eight meals a day to survive…

14. Oh wow. When I do my makeup I absolutely obsess over it, and any one part can take three minutes in itself!

15. I usually spend a hell of a lot longer than this, haha. I’m relatively speedy, all things considered, though.

16. Hello! Long time lurker, first time commenter. 🙂

This video was great! It was nice to compare who you are in person with your blog persona, which I agree tends to read more serious and business-like. (Not a bad thing at all! In fact, that’s probably why so many of us read, because you are no nonsense, and we trust your opinions.)

I also would love to know more about contouring. When it comes to makeup my routine is super simple. I don’t even use a full face of foundation every day, just a powder to smooth things out a little. And you can forget about blush! So the idea of contouring and highlighting is interesting to me.

Another question, if I may: do you find that on top of your cleanser, toner, moisturiser, sunscreen, primer, that when you get to foundation you’re a little ‘product fatigued’? I have friends who try to get me to use primer and foundation, and I seriously just can’t. It’s like those additional two steps just smother my face and everything feels mask-like and heavy. I’d love to know how others feel.

17. I’ll definitely have a contouring tutorial eventually.

I don’t get “product fatigue”, though, haha. PILE THAT SHIT ON.

18. Hi, spookylolly!

What you need are multi-taskers. For example, a cleanser that removes makeup and balances your skin replaces makeup remover, cleanser, and toner (I love Purity Made Simple but perhaps others have ones they can recommend).
Also I use a daytime moisturizer that has a sunscreen already in it. Right now I’m using Olay Regenerist SPF 50 (for my aging skin) and I love it because it leaves a nice matte finish, but I used to use one from Aveeno that worked well for me at the time.
Once you find the perfect cleanser and moisturizer you may find your need for a primer may change, or you may find a different foundation that works better for you. Also, leave ample time for your moisturizer to sink into your skin. I find that I need at least 15 minutes between moisturizer and foundation or else my face gets too shiny too quickly.
Anyway, those are my suggestions, hope they help!

19. I think you did a great job! I’m yet to try this challenge out, I think I’d just scream all the way through it. I did the no mirror makeup challenge though, that was a joke!

20. I may try that one purely for curiosity’s sake.

21. Oh man, I felt frantic and stressed from just watching the video – if it were me, I wouldn’t even have gotten past the foundation and concealer/highlighting before the beeping!

22. It’s weirdly nerve-wracking, even though there are literally zero consequences to failure.