Leggings are versatile and fashionable for women of all ages. They are very modern and suit every body shape and size. With variety of colors and wide range of patterns, leggings can be found in most of the wholesale clothing retail outlets.

There a different varieties of leggings with difference in lengths to suit casual clothes for any occasion. There are leggings that come till the ankle drop and even to the mid-calf and look elegant while spicing up any outfit to look stylish. It is always better to shop for leggings that are comfortable and help in ease of movement. Online stores have wide collections in different fabrics and colors. They also specialize in customized designs offering a lot of options for women to match their leggings according to their needs and requirements.

Colors can enhance the style quotient, when coordinated with chic tops that give a glitzy look. Choose colors wisely, such as darker shades of blue and brown as they tend to slim down the legs. Women of short legs can play it with bright colors as they make the lower half look longer. Decide on the length of the legging so that you do not end up with a saggy bottom. Go for leggings that drop at mid calf to draw attention towards the slender legs.

Capri leggings are best suited for women with slender frame. Always try matching casual clothing to find out what suits your body frame better to avoid fashion disasters. Pair the leggings with tunics of contrasting bright colors to bring out the balance that enhances the outfit. Tunic lengths should not go below the knee line and be of a perfect fit. Layers are a common feature in most outfits and are best suited when worn with a legging. Another alternative is to add on leather jackets or overcoats of light colors to highlight the upper half of the body frame. Blazers and denim jackets are a perfect choice for any evening wear.

There are a lot of dressing styles to leggings. Team them up with mini flared bottom skirts and are perfect chic clothing for women in their teens. Look for shoes such as high heels and flat sandals that create style statement yet remain casual for every wear. Low waist belts are perfect for slender hips with tunic tops that reach below the knee. They help to flatter the curves by highlighting the waist line. Simple pieces of jewelry along the neck line create a subtle look, which is preferred by most women. Other styles include the retro and fusion wear that has a lot of chunky accessories to the attire.

Leggings were a huge hit in the golden era of fashion and are hugely popular with the women as they are more comfortable and are a wonderful alternative to trousers and pants. They are chic and are available at most of the retail outlets at affordable prices and with creativity they can be worn with a difference adding up glam and spice for the women of tomorrow.

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Spalding Women’s Capri Legging, Black, Small

Product Description
Cotton Classic capri length legging, is great for your fitness training and makes a good base layer for everyday fashion. 19 1/2 inch inseam hits you mid to lower calf. Pant fits tight to the leg. Heat seal Spalding logo at hip

Price: $11.50

  • Cotton-blend legging featuring wide waistband and logo at hip


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