Wantable August 2016 Review

Oh my god. Oh my god, you guys.

Someone sent me a free thing.

I had pretty much set it up in my mind that no one would ever send me free thing. After all, why would they? My reviews are mean as hell. I make Pajiba, whose tagline is “Scathing Reviews for Bitchy People” look like paid marketing executives. But someone, who I can only assume google searched “blogs that review beauty boxes sometimes” decided that Wantable.com would really benefit from my opinions. Although I was send this product for free (FREE! IT’S A MIRACLE!), I will, of course, be giving my genuine thoughts.

So, first of all, what the hell is Wantable? Wantable is a box that is available as either a subscription for $36 per month or you can just buy a box for $40. You can skip boxes, which is a big benefit of choosing the subscription method, since you can just keep skipping until you decide you want one, and still get the discounted price. They have two versions: a makeup version and a jewelry version. I am sure you all will be shocked to hear that I chose the makeup version. (I also have really off-the-wall taste in jewelry. I feel like Wantable will never send me taco earrings.) Both boxes send only full-sized products (plus maybe a sample as an extra).

When you sign up, you fill out a big long sheet of preferences. You can say you love, like, or dislike certain products, colors, or variations of products. It was pretty comprehensive, detailing everything from types of products to subcategories of products to color preferences. According to Wantable, “You’re most likely to receive products you love and will never receive products you dislike.”
Unfortunately, that is clearly bullshit. Go ahead and just look at the picture of my general product desires. They even printed it out just in case I thought I was losing my mind. There is literally one thing I said I “dislike”: nail polish. (I don’t actually hate nail polish, as I am sure faithful readers know, but I’m kind of at my nail polish limit right now.) They sent me nail polish. Now, I know that other subscription boxes don’t really listen to your preferences either, but at least they don’t announce “HEY REMEMBER HOW YOU SAID YOU HATE PERFUME AND WE SAID WE WOULD NEVER SEND IT TO YOU? HERE IS SOME PERFUME FOR YOU!”

For my purposes, this isn’t really a tragedy. I do use nail polish and… this was free. But if I paid $40 for this box and didn’t or couldn’t paint my nails, I would be rather peeved about this inclusion.

There were a couple of other things that were kind of weird (although not problematic) as well. For example, my sheet read, “One of Matthew’s tips for perfect makeup application is to use brushes.” Uh… okay. We’re on board, dude. For (I assume) most subscribers, that’s “no duh” information. But for someone who didn’t know that brushes are a thing, that’s unhelpful because there is basically no information about how to choose or use brushes.

In total, here is what I received:

Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme Sample in Sunrise Peach and Vert Enchante (0.014 oz), approximate retail value $2.31

These cream eyeshadows are really fluffy and smooth. The texture is kind of similar to a diet cheesecake. Sunrise Peach is a sheer coppery pink and Vert Enchante is a dusty princess green.
The sample packaging isn’t the best, since there are a lot of days worth of eyeshadow in there, but it isn’t re-sealable, meaning you need to jury-rig some other method of keeping them from drying out. I also think that getting a sample of this product is kind of weird, since, as far as I am aware, the point of samples is to convince you to buy the full sized product… but these seem to only be available in Canada. Hm…
I will definitely use these, though, since the colors are pretty and they apply well.

Besame Classic Color Lipstick in Red Velvet, retail value $22.00
The discovery of Besame as a brand is one of the highlights of my Wantable experience. These lipsticks are seriously so effing pretty, and their other products look great as well. The packaging is spectacular, the color is awesome, the smell (chocolate) is lovely… it’s just perfect. It even comes with a little velvet bag in case you didn’t feel fancy enough already.

I will say that I find the shape of the lipstick incredibly odd and difficult to apply. It’s symmetrical and both sides and tapers into a rooftop-like shape. It won’t take too many uses to mold it to my preference, but I would have preferred a more traditional lipstick shape.
The color is a rich red that is just a bit darker and more brown than a traditional red lipstick. It’s not quite a matte, but it’s definitely on the matte end of things, which gives it some extra oomf in the staying-power department.
I will definitely be purchasing more products from this brand.

Japonesque Flat Eyeliner Brush, retail value $10.50
I can’t get too worked up about a travel sized eyeliner brush, especially since I don’t really use eyeliner brushes on a regular basis (I just use the brushes that come with my liquid liner…) but this definitely does feel high quality. I’ve used it and it’s definitely functional. I also like that the bristles are white, so you know when you can be done on brush-washing day!

FACE Stockholm Nail Polish 
This is the nail polish I didn’t ask for. It’s a super, super sheer iridescent shade that reminds me of pastel pink and pale teal mother of pearl. I actually do really like the effect, but it’s maybe a bit high-maintenance for me, since it took two coats of a white base and three coats of this product to really show off the polish. I’m just too impatient for that. I’ll start a task halfway through drying and end up with weird bumpy nails. At least my nails have some acne scarring to match my face?

Susan Posnick Color Eye Define Eyeliner/Eyeshadow in Bronze/Copper, retail value $26.00
This is the weirdest product that I got. One side is a slanted pencil that is shaped like a big rectangle…and the other side is a smooshy pad that retracts when you push on it that you kind of goosh the eyeshadow onto (the eyeshadow’s in the lid).
The two colors are very similar, though not identical; the eyeliner is just a hair darker.
I definitely wouldn’t pay $26 for this… but since I have it? Sure, I’ll use it.

Michael Marcus Lip Liner in Port, retail value $19.00
The last product in my bag was a dusty, dark red lipliner. It’s just a traditional pencil and it’s a little rough, but it’s a really helpful and practical color.
Total Box Value: $91.81
Overall, the nail polish issue aside, I’m relatively pleased about the quality that I received in this box. The thing that pushes me over the edge in favor of Wantable, though, is that if you hate your box, YOU CAN RETURN IT. You can’t return your little one-use Birchbox samples. I think that’s a brilliant touch that makes it a lot more justifiable to spend $36 on mystery products.

Also, even though not every single product in this box is something I adored, I will indisputably use every product here.

If you are interested in buying a Wantable box, you are, of course, welcome to use my affiliate link here.


1. Hi! Love your blog, just discovered it a short while ago.

The rectangular eyeliner is to help create a cat eye. You start with the wide part held vertically at the outer edge of the eye, then as you draw in toward the inner corner, turn the tip so that it is horizontal.

I find it easier to do in steps though. First I line my eye the ‘normal’ way using the tip horizontally, then I use it vertically at the outer edge for a thicker, somewhat triangular line.

2. That makes sense! I’ll have to give it a try if I ever need a gold cat eye. 😉

3. Dude, diet cheesecake?

4. They obviously like their angles, the lipstick is super pretty but the shape is so weird?! Ditto for the brush and eyeliner, they’re all very…….angular. I’ve never seen eyeshadow packaged like that either, but I suppose it’s a good way to try out colours you’ll never be able to buy 😉

5. Hey! So sorry about that, sending you a nail polish was a complete mistake! If you want, we can send you a replacement product? Please shoot me an email at jaclyn@wantable.com if you’d like one. So sorry about that again, we really do watch your preferences, but sometimes, mistakes happen! Thanks for the review, we love your writing!

Jaclyn & Team Wantable

6. Oh my goodness, thank you for introducing me to Besame! The packaging makes me want to use my Judy Garland voice.

7. I’m so glad you introduced me to this! I am totally cancelling my Birchbox subscription in favor of something that actually gives exactly what you ask for (your nail polish issue aside). That’s worth an extra $26 to me. And if you don’t like something, you can always give it as a gift since it’s full size. Definitely can’t do that with Birchbox! I used your link and got my Wantable box this week and it’s awesome.

P.S. Congrats on getting sent a free thing!