Dear Wantable,

You have so much promise. Your survey is super good. You are working with at least a couple of fancy-pants brands (that you consistently insist to send exclusively to other people). The premise of spending more money on some shit you might actually want is appealing. The idea of being able to skip and return boxes fills my heart with joy.
But seriously, Wantable. What the fuck is this shit? You can do better.
Here’s what I got:

First of all, in case you’re not weirdly obsessed with pictures of beauty subscription boxes, Wantable switched up their packaging. They went from those snazzy foam rectangles to a “crumpled up paper” approach to safeguarding your cosmetics. This in-and-of-itself isn’t a big deal, but it added to the ‘sad trombone’ effect that I got when I opened up this box.

Darla Makeup Peepers Eyeshadow in Tiny Tooter (full size at 0.035oz), retail value $18

Darla Makeup is a kitschy little brand that, as best as I can determine, only makes one product: Peepers Eyeshadow singles. The packaging looks sort of like a hoarder Grandma house, and the name, to me, immediately brings dead fish to mind.
That being said, I can definitely imagine some people really digging the whacky packaging and silly names. (Seriously, this eyeshadow is called “Tiny Tooter”. We are adults, here.)

The color is actually quite pretty. It’s a dusty medium purple with a sprinkling of rainbow glitter. It’s quite pigmented, and the color is really wearable.

I went on the Darla Makeup website to check out their other offerings and I was dazzled by the gorgeous colors in their array… until I saw the way that they depicted “Tiny Tooter”. This dark color bears little resemblance to the eyeshadow itself. As a result, I don’t think I would trust the brand unless I found some reliable blogger swatches.
The other big problem with these eyeshadows is the price. This eyeshadow is teensy weensy at 0.035 ounces. At the full-size $18 pricetag, this eyeshadow costs a mind-boggling $514.29 per ounce. WHAT? No eyeshadow is worth that much dough.

Girlactik Beauty Star Blush in Milan (full size at 0.12oz), retail value $18

Girlactik is another brand that I hadn’t heard of. Given their brand name, I think they missed a serious opportunity by not emblazoning their makeup packaging with space scenes.

Milan is a medium matte rose shade. Although I worried that it would be too dark, it actually looked gorgeous and natural on my fair skin.

Unfortunately, Milan seems to totally not exist at all. Was this shade discontinued? Did Wantable send me discontinued makeup?

Cailyn Grand Volume and Curl Mascara in Blue (full size at 0.4oz), retail value… $15? Maybe?

Next came yet another Cailyn Cosmetics product. I love blue mascara, and this shade is substantially different from the other blue shades in my mascara collection.
It’s comparitively a lot more subtle. On my eyelashes, it doesn’t scream “blue!”. This may be good or bad, depending on what you are seeking from a blue mascara.

The problem? This is another product that doesn’t seem to exist. Did Wantable send me two discontinued makeup items? I can’t for the life of me figure out an alternative explanation!

Michael Marcus Lip Liner in Tapesty (full size at 0.036oz), retail value $19
If you weren’t underwhelmed enough,Wantable sent me another duplicate item. My August Wantable box contained a Michael Marcus Lip Liner in Port. This one is a ruddier, browner red called Tapestry.

I wish these were softer, but these are acceptable quality… I just didn’t need to get a second one! I want to try new products, but it seems that Wantable’s mission revolves less around product introductions and more around building a solid makeup collection. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is not what I want from a subscription box.

(Bee Tea Dubs, did y’all notice that this lip liner contains MORE product than the eyeshadow they sent me? That is how teeny tiny that eyeshadow is…)

Skiin Instant Skin Tightener and Line Filler (0.1 fluid oz), approximate retail value $7.99

I don’t have wrinkles, so I am the worst judge of this product. It seems to be a moisturizer that will plump up wrinkles a bit to lessen their appearance. I tried it and the finish was almost reminiscent of a primer.

Someone in marketing decided that this container should not be reusable, even though it contains a full fifth of the full-size product’s contents.

Total Box Value: $77.99

Here is a look with all the November Wantable products:
All of these products are acceptable to me, but I’m not jazzed about any of them. I want something that will get me really excited! Adding one amazing lipstick, for example, would have resulted in satisfaction. Because the products were overpriced (cough cough Darla Makeup cough), I didn’t feel like I actually received seventy-seven dollars worth of stuff. Furthermore, products that are either discontinued or not available for general sale are even less valuable. Consequentially, my overall impression is one of disappointment.

If my grumpy reviewed piqued your interest about Wantable, you are welcome to use my referral link by clicking here.

1. If you actually got two discontinued makeup products that is extremely disappointing… Perhaps, instead they are not yet released products? I sort of doubt that though.

2. I feel like they would have made a big deal of that if it were the case!

3. Can’t you turn the break off cap over and stick it on the end of the tube of that skiin stuff? It looks like it would stick into the hole, from the picture, so I thought I’d suggest it. 🙂

4. You would think, but you actually can’t re-seal it!

5. Wow, Cailyn is really whoring themselves out. There’s a possible product in the Ipsy bag (again) this month. At least the other brands are different.

6. Beauty boxes sure seem to be their bread-and-butter…

7. I was able to find the Girlactik blush
Milan is listed on this page as being a “New” shade. I looked around for the Cailyn mascara, but it’s not even listed on their web page.

I had similar issues with Wantable. I got duplicate products all 3 months I subscribed and I wasn’t super impressed by any of them. I think they have potential to be a great service, but it just wasn’t worth the price to me.

8. Thank you! I just googled it and I only saw the other five shades…

9. I got the same Cailyn mascara and I really like it… it’s more of a subtle blue. Perhaps even workplace appropriate if one works somewhere that abhors colorful mascara. It is sort of weird that some of these items can’t be found elsewhere… I suppose it’s also possible that they’re releases exclusively for beauty boxes? Maybe? But if that were the case then the “retail value” is pretty arbitrary.

10. I wore that mascara to work…

11. I have the same type of experience with Wantable. I love the idea, and the execution is almost there (but not quite). I got the Michael Marcus mascara in Black one month. Two months later I got the Michael Marcus mascara in Black – waterproof version. They couldn’t even send me the waterproof version of another color? I haven’t canceled yet, but I feel like I’m thisclose.

12. You used the word “piqued” correctly. That is why I read your blog! Well, that and you aren’t afraid to put mascara on your arm hair and post a picture of it. 🙂

13. I got the same line filler sample and my lid did flip over to work as a cap. Wonder why yours wasn’t able to closethat way?

14. Aren’t you GUARANTEED a minimum of $80 in product in these boxes? I know they came CLOSE, but thats really not the point when you are spending your hard earned money.