Wantable September 2016 Review

Ever have a case of déjà vu?

That’s kind of how this Wantable box felt. I opened it up and couldn’t help but think that I’d been sent some of these products before…

Be A Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks, retail value $16.00

I already own this blush, so I already know that I don’t really wear it… It’s perfectly adequate (it’s very pigmented) but it’s just way too shimmery and frosty for me.

I also think that my disappointment in getting this product demonstrates some of the problems brands might face when partnering with Ipsy. Even though a $16 blush isn’t exactly dirt cheap, I think of Be a Bombshell as a really low-end brand because they keep sending stuff in Ipsy, which is a really inexpensive subscription box. Even if I had gotten a color other than “Sweet Cheeks”, I would still have a difficult time valuing this product at a full $16.

Lise Watier Eyeshadow in Aubergine, retail value $17.28 USD ($18 CA)
This eyeshadow is definitely not an aubergine. It’s more of a cool, shimmery taupe. There’s maybe a hint of lavender in there. It’s got just the right amount of sparkle to be eye-catching but not a glitterbomb.
This is a very pretty color, but it’s a little bit less pigmented than I might have hoped.

It does sort of rub me the wrong way that Wantable is labeling the value for this product as $18 when that’s eighteen Canadian Dollars. Certainly, the exchange rate is close to one-to-one (a Canadian dollar is worth 96 American cents), but it still seems a bit dishonest.

Susan Posnick Color Eye Define in Turquoise/Topaz, retail value $26
This is the only product on this list that I really just feel shouldn’t have been sent to me and for which I hold Wantable responsible for my irritation. Sending the same product twice in a row is unprofessional and absolutely defeats the purpose of any makeup subscription box service. It’s a waste for me, because I thing this product is weird, and it’s a waste for the people who work for Susan Posnick, because I have already been exposed to their product, and this could have gone to someone who hasn’t already tried and rejected the core concept.
Just as before, one side of this product is a big slanted rectangle eyeliner thingy. This side is lovely shimmery turquoise, but it’s not opaque as I might like. You have to go over it a few times to get a really nice, rich color. The other side is a funky smooshy lid thing-a-ma-jig into which you sort of moosh the attached eyeshadow sponge. This is the “topaz” side. Calling it “topaz” is a little non-descriptive, since topaz can be all sorts of colors. This is a light bronze-y color.

FACE Stockholm Lipstick in Pleasant, retail value $22
The FACE Stockholm describes this as a “shimmer marigold”. I would say that is putting it very mildly. Additionally, the color on their website looks much less bold. This is a full-on golden sparkle-filled, foiled, Halloween orange. But, like… tasteful.

I love crazy lips, so this is right up my alley. I like both the color and the formula quite a bit.
It’s pretty firm in the tube, but it softens significantly when it hits your warm lips. As a result, it is very easy to apply.

The color range on the FACE Stockholm website is really impressive, meaning there are lots of choices if this particular lipstick isn’t to your taste. 146 shades are listed, in a variety of finishes.

Japonesque Travel Smudger Brush, retail value $14

I’m not usually one for smokey eyes, but this brush definitely offers the opportunity to explore them.The bristles are nice and dense. I do think that the short handle makes it a little harder to maneuver.

Ech Vie Organic Body Oil Sample (approximately 0.2 fluid oz), estimated retail value $3.50
This product smells like a really fancy bath. I am not a big fan of face or body oil, but I am confident that it would satisfy someone who really digs products like this. 

Total Box Value: $98.78 

Also worth noting: I got a comment on my previous blog post from Wantable staff, since I was sent a nail polish by mistake (I listed nail polish as one of the products that I dislike). They offered to send me a replacement product. I did email them and through some miscommunication ended up being sent another FACE Stockholm Nail Polish, this time in #12, which is sort of a new-penny bronze color.

The Wantable staff are really friendly and I can tell that they really do want to be helpful, but it seems like maybe they are overworked or maybe they need some new computer software to make things a little easier. They definitely responded to my emails really quickly and they were really nice about everything. When I made it clear that I wanted something that wasn’t a nail polish, not an extra nail polish, they had already sent out my September box, so I am getting another replacement product. (They even offered to let me pick what it was, although I deferred to their judgement.)

I’m not too frustrated by the mix-ups, since I can tell that they are working hard to please people and since the end result of the process has been two free nail polishes.

I am much more annoyed about the issue of repeated products and brands. My August and September boxes were way too similar. I like discovering new stuff… that’s why I bother with subscription boxes. Otherwise I would end up just ordering tarte products ad infinitum. For instance, the highlight of my last box was the discovery of the brand Besame (I’ll admit that I wouldn’t have minded a repeat on that particular brand!). This is a big blunder, especially for a box that costs $36 a month.

The thing that saved this box for me was the FACE Stockholm lipstick, which I adore. I think it’s definitely worth the full $22. (The rest of my box, un-ideal as it may have been, was certainly worth $14.) Given that you have the option to return boxes if shit doesn’t appeal to you, I’m still generally leaning in favor of Wantable.

I just hope that next month they show off some different damn brands and products. If I get another Susan Posnick Color Eye Define, travel-sized Japonesque brush made for some sort of eyeliner look, or Lise Watier eyeshadow, I may find myself being unkind to the very apologetic, helpful Wantable staff. (Sorry in advance.)

If you are filled with a sudden desire to try Wantable, feel free to use my referral link by clicking here.

1. I don’t subscribe to any of the boxes over here and I have yet to see one nationally or internationally that makes me regret it! The lipstick does look great on you though.

2. You’re delightful and hilarious. I just discovered your blog and spent the past few hours reading it, while simultaneously packing every product you ever recommended in my Sephora basket. Sort of 🙂

3. I do the same thing! Love this blog, and I trust your opinion to the maxxors. 😀

4. Isn’t she?!?

5. Thanks for the review! I’m looking forward to this month’s box, though I typically list eyeliners and tools as dislikes. Hoping to get some *new* stuff to try, since I don’t have any other subscriptions. I emailed Wantable about a product last month, saying that purple lip color is an absolute no no no for me, and though they’re usually spot on and I love the rest of the box, they sent me a lip lacquer that HOLY MOSES THAT’S PURPLE. They emailed me back basically “Sorrrryyyyy but we consider that a deep red.” Um… It’s purple, bro. Yikes. Will still continue to subscribe because I love surprises. I just hope I don’t get any purple surprises this month. 🙂

7. I love your reviews…of boxes, and everything else. Just wanted to leave a comment and say that. Awesome blog!

8. Thank you!

9. Love your reviews …how well is the CS with wantable? They sent me 3 items that were on my dislike (lol) and whereas I can handle ONE item being sent to me as a dislike, 3 was too much. Will they send out replacements? I am happy to send the dislikes back to them.

10. They sent me a replacement and allowed me to keep the items they sent me by mistake. So… I would definitely email them.

11. Aww that’s too bad that you did not like some of the products they sent you, because I actually would love it if they sent me a nice colorful eyeliner! I subscribe to them as well and do enjoy it so far, however a few items I just did not like was a Custom Three lip gloss/lip pot due to a very unflattering (for me) terracota-brown-red color and this month I received a horrible mascara by the brand Beauty for Real. It looks super fancy with the LED light and a mirror on the side, but the product itself is seriously dollar store quality. But the rest of the items have been quite lovely so I think I’ll continue with the subsription for awhile.

By the way, would you be up for swapping some of the products?