Which of Urban Decay’s Absurdly Discounted Eyeshadow Palettes is Right For You?

Because Urban Decay has recently released a new formulation for their eyeshadow, they are frantically selling off some of their old palettes for deep discounts: the Ammo Shadow Box, the Mariposa Palette, and the Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette. This blog post will give a quick overview of each of the palettes for those of you deciding whether or not to jump on these deals.

Option #1
Palette Name: Ammo Shadow Box
Ounces: 0.3oz
Number of Shadows: 10
Extras: N/A
Original Price: $38
Original Price Per Ounce: $126.67
Current Price: $12
Current Price Per Ounce: $40

Positives: Most of these shadows are really very nicely pigmented. Grifter and Polyester Bride are a little less pigmented than might be ideal, but the other colors are incredibly rich. I also like that they put complementary duos on top of each other, for the uncreative among us. Additionally, some of these colors are simply perfection: the combination of Mildew and Maui Wowie, for example, is particularly striking. This is also the most compact of the three palettes on sale, making it the easiest to throw in your purse.

Negatives: HOLY FALLOUT. HOW IS THIS EVEN REAL. I heard of people applying their foundation after their eye makeup to avoid ruining their nice complexion. I have always thought that was super silly. Now I understand. The people who do this are using eyeshadow palettes like this. I had so much glitter on my face, it looked like I had been nuzzling Kesha’s bosoms.

My bathrobe is beautiful. Shut up.

Option #2
Palette Name: Mariposa Palette
Ounces: 0.3oz
Number of Shadows: 10
Extras: Travel-sized eyeshadow brush
Original Price: $39
Original Price Per Ounce: $130
Current Price: $12
Current Price Per Ounce: $40
Positives: This palette comes with a brush, and said brush is not nearly as shitty as I have come to expect from palette-included brushes. The fallout is much more handle-able in this palette, hardly making me want to gouge my eyes out at all. I think that, of the three, this has the cutest packaging; I love that they stuck with the “mariposa” theme on the tin and on the inside.

Negatives: The pigmentation on some of these color is a little bit lacking. Infamous, Limelight, and Spotlight were all big failures for me.

Gotta love blue eyeshadow.

Option #3
Palette Name: Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette
Ounces: 0.36
Number of Shadows: 9
Extras: Mini (0.1oz) eyeshadow primer
Original Price: $38
Original Price Per Ounce: $105.56
Current Price: $10
Current Price Per Ounce: $27.78

Positives: The included colors are loads of fun… a big change from the gloomy colors of the other two palettes here.

Negatives: Zero and, to a lesser extent, Graffiti and Peace, are not as pigmented as they ought to be. There is also no highlighting shade, making it difficult to do a look based exclusively on these colors. The packaging is also way more tacky than is reasonable.

Now might be a good time to marvel at how much better my makeup has gotten since January.


1. Hi! I’m a religious reader of your blog. I wasn’t able to find any sort of e-mail for you, but I was wondering if there was any way to support your endeavors other than just by being a fan. Shoot me an e-mail through my website if you have any projects or ideas you may need support for. Continue the great writing, too!


2. You’re so sweet! Thank you! The most helpful thing I can think of off the top of my head is to send me ideas, be it products that need to be investigated or beauty myths or things you want tested or anything of that sort.

3, I am also a dedicated fan. My favorite kinds of posts are your multi-comparisons; I would love to see a face primer comparison similar to your eyelid primer comparison. I’d also like to see tutorials and how-tos for how you do your makeup, because you have a pretty dab hand with the eyeshadow brush.

Apart from that, the only thing that would make me love your blog more is if you updated it even more often, and that’s because I always love reading what you have to say.

4. I will probably have a facial primer one sometime this summer! I don’t live anywhere near a Sephora, so it’s tough to get samples, and there are a LOT I hear good things about.

5. A friend hooked me on your blog and I’ve been meaning to suggest this so now looks like a perfect time. I would really love for you to do a post on how to do our own makeup evaluations. I love your scientific approach and I have such a hard time figuring out how to really compare new products I try to the old products I was using. There are so many variables that some days I feel that a product the best new thing I’ve found and other days the same product dries my skin or the color only stays for 30 minutes. But if that is giving away too many of your secrets I’ll just continue to follow my current method of buying products you recommend.

6. Are you talking about reviews or are you talking about mega-comparisons and the like?

7. Where do I find these discounted boxes?! Are they only in stores?

8. Kitty, I got mine from Ulta.com 🙂

9. Ulta or the Urban Decay website…

10. I bought the Deluxe Shadow Box. The only way I can think of to make a look with just this palette is some combination of the bottom three colors, but I prefer to mix in others (especially a light base color and a highlight shade). Unfortunately mine came with a primer that was either empty or dried out, and a broken mirror, and Ulta refused to help me out with it…the shadows were all intact so I suppose I still got well over my money’s worth at the discounted rate.

11. That is a bummer!

12. I got the Mariposa palette, and I’m pretty pleased so far. I expect fallout from everything I wear, so it wasn’t a big deal. But I agree that the colors aren’t as loud as I was hoping. (also, lifelong member of the “eyemakeup first” coalition. I find I curse a lot less that way.)

13. Yeah, the Mariposa one is pretty normal in terms of fallout for UD…

14. I forgot to ask earlier — is the fallout from the Ammo box similar to how the UD shadows are regularly, or is it worse than normal? I have an old (OLLLLLD, probably more than a decade old) Chopper eyeshadow which I love, but combating fallout is tricky.

hmm maybe I should buy a new one. maybe using 11 year old eyeshadow is a dumb idea.

15. It’s definitely worse. I don’t know how the new one behaves, though.

16. I have the Ammo box and agree that the fallout is *terrible*. I got to work one day and took a look in the mirror and my face was covered with glitter – not the look I was going for at all. I wish it was better, since the colors in the set are so nice. I’ll check out the other set if it is still available.

17. Hopefully the new formulation solves some of the problems!

18. I would love something about lip primers/lip pencils/whatever. The weakest part of my makeup routine is lip color, because no matter how high the quality of the lip product I use, and no matter how much I scrub and moisturize my lips to ridiculous baby soft perfection, my lip color always chunks (literally chunks!) off in like… two hours. I tried Urban Decay’s Lip Primer Potion, hoping it’d be as great as their Eye Shadow Primer Potion, but it made the problem actually worse. What do you do to prime your lips for lip color? This might be a good multi-comparison.

That’s a great idea! I’ll add that to my “to do” list.

19. how do I find the old formula of grifter? send a link